Whenever iA Writer receives a feature update I start thinking how I can make more use of the app. The new Windows beta looks very nice and this made me wonder again, whether I should move my journaling workflow over to plain text as well. I would be losing some benefits of a dedicated app, but I have the feeling that this could be the moment. Also future proof, cheaper and more reliable.

Yesterday I talked, amongst other things, how I launched my personal blog years ago. One thing that I forgot in the process, is that I took advantage of WordPress’ new, and free, photo.blog subdomains and set up a new photoblog a while ago. I plan to post like random things there. I don’t know if it will stick, but at least I can try. And if doesn’t, I will import the content here.

Funny how, after a few days of cold between -25 and -30, multiple people insisted it has gotten really warm today. I had been -18 degrees at that time. I guess it’s called positive thinking.

Glad that Star Trek Discovery is back. I enjoyed the first show of the second season, and caught myself thinking frequently that is kind of more exciting than many of the movies. Looking forward to the next episode. 🖖