April Wallpaper – Signaldalen

It’s the beginning of the month and therefore time for another wallpaper! Unlike last month I remembered this time and it will be for the iPad.

I played around a little and tried to figure out whether a monochrome/toned or colour version of the image would be more suited, but simply couldn’t decide. Which is why I included both of them.


The image itself was taken during my last trip to Norway, in nice morning light in an area called Signaldalen. I did a write-up on that trip which you can read in these two posts.

Feel free to download the wallpapers from here.

During that specific trip I also took a series of images which I called “Mountain Sketches“. I do enjoy them very much and will release them soon also in an e-book. If you are interested you may want to have a look at the images in this post and for the e-book please stay tuned for updates here on the blog.

My Follow Friday List

For the longest time I have wanted to publish a follow-up to my first #followfriday post here on the blog. Since the latter got published now almost exactly about a year ago, I finally managed to finish my follow-up.

For the sake of easier curation I decided to turn this new post into a page, which I will update from time to time. At this moment I have included a few twitter friends, but these are if course not all that I follow with interest and interact with. Consider the list more of a start with much more to follow week by week.

But now enough of the talk and have a look at the page here.

Sunday Link Post

I haven’t been posting a link post for quite a while now and I think it’s about time for a fresh one. I still think that sharing on a blog is much more personal than on over on Twitter or Facebook and from time to time I will post some links that I found to be interesting over again.

And talking about being reminded….

  • I was just starting to write another entry for my photo journals and while I was driving down the memory lane I remembered that I was listening then to the Lenswork Podcast while I was driving. When I was browsing to the website and learned that the Brooks Jensen also has quite a few free e-book monographs on his site.

Again this reminded me of a project I started a year ago and never really continued with. It’s about time to go on with that.

The Print-Store

In an earlier blog I already hinted a more exciting things to happen to here on the blog during this year and today I’m pleased to tell you that it’s finally possible to buy prints of my images right here on the blog. The process of setting everything up took me a little longer than expected, but now it’s done and you can order quality prints right from within my galleries.

At this moment prints are available and printed/shipped worldwide and are available in different formats and paper types from Matté, Glossy, Lustre and metallic prints.

And what’s next?

Soon you will also be able to purchase panoramic prints as well as custom made and signed prints are going to be available here on the site as well in the very near future. More info on these prints, the papers and so on will be available soon here on the blog.

So, if it happens that you got some empty frames or space on your walls to fill, feel free to browse around my galleries.

December Wallpaper: The Island

The days fly by it seems and too quickly another month has passed and it’s time for another wallpaper. Last month’s wallpaper was designed for the iPad and this one for a change will be for your desktop at home.

The Island Wallpaper

I prefer to have my working environments more or less consistent in look and feel and so it seems logical to have also similar wallpapers. I’m using this image entitled, “The Island” myself as a wallpaper on my desktop and like it very much. At least I didn’t had the urge to change it ever since I set it up, which says quite much considered my frequent swapping.

I have some more abstracts like this in my galleries also if you are interested and if you like it to try yourself, feel free to download it from here.

Many Thanks!

A few days ago, on the 1st of September, I have released my first e-Book here on the blog and I’m overwhelmed by the response that I got from my visitors here on the blog and from my friends on Twitter.

So far non of my posts or images has received so many page views and re-tweets. Thanks to all of you for supporting my work! This is truly motivating and I’m looking forward for future releases.

In my post and the e-book I forgot to mention that all the images included in the e-Book are also available here on the blog in a slideshow. Shame on me. You can view it bigger in my galleries.

Many thanks again and looking forward to hear from you.

The iPhone Photography Sunday – TiPPS #12: The Amusement Park Edition

It’s Sunday and as such it’s also time for another post in my The iPhone Photography Sunday.

After the announcement from last Monday I’m already looking forward to the next version of the phone. I have the feeling that the latter might fully replace the need for any point and shoot to carry around for casual images.

Usually the iPhone images that I post here are landscapes or me taking landscapes of course. Naturally I can’t resist the temptation to some photography also during family trips. Sometimes wishing though the phone would have a wide-angle mode.

But now, here’s my weekly TiPPS.

The apps I have used for these ones are Hipstamatic and another favorite of mine CrossProcess.