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The iPhone Photography Sunday – TiPPS #12: The Amusement Park Edition

It’s Sunday and as such it’s also time for another post in my The iPhone Photography Sunday.

After the announcement from last Monday I’m already looking forward to the next version of the phone. I have the feeling that the latter might fully replace the need for any point and shoot to carry around for casual images.

Usually the iPhone images that I post here are landscapes or me taking landscapes of course. Naturally I can’t resist the temptation to some photography also during family trips. Sometimes wishing though the phone would have a wide-angle mode.

But now, here’s my weekly TiPPS.

The apps I have used for these ones are Hipstamatic and another favorite of mine CrossProcess.


Wet Feet?

Okay, I admit… I didn’t get wet feet here. I was standing very close to the water and shooting at 17mm but still I was rather safe and dry on a rock. I wasn’t really sure though whether or not to trust the stability of my tripod, when I had to head over to my camera bag to pick up another filter.

This is also taken in the place called Koitelinkoski. Since I still have quiete a few, decent images from there I hope you like it.

Thanks you so much for visiting my site and I hope you enjoyed it.

Exif Info: F11 | 17.0 mm | 0.6 sec