Yes it has been a while since the last update but now it’s more time for a fresh picture.

I used the beginning of the vacation for a first (think about that) shooting this year, and returned to a familiar and close-by location.


Even though not a masterpiece, it is at least a good beginning of the summer holidays.

Announcing NerdQuery

Did you ever start something just to scratch your own itch.? Then it started to be better than you expected so you kept building and polishing until it became something you wanted to exist in the real-world? Yeah? I just did that.

A search engine for Nerdy things?! How great is that!

I think with this one Gabe might have exceeded himself. What an awesome project.

Interview with me…

but of course not here on this blog. Photographer and blogger Olaf Bathke, who just recently launched his blog in English language, has today released an interview with your’s truly. I’m very happy about the interview and the fact Olaf asked me to answer his questions.

Olaf and I have met last year in summer when he was on his way to Norway and had a stop at one of my favourite places here. This in fact makes him the first, and so far I believe only, contact that I have made through social media and actually met in person.

Again I would like to thank Olaf for this interview which I at least finished quicker than it took me back then to light the grill when we met.

Featured on Photoshelter!

I was just browsing through my Twitter feed in the morning I learned that yours truly is featured Photoshelters latest shout-out post. Wow, what an honor and talking about being flattered and surprised.

Many thanks to Grover Sanschagrin and the Photoshelter team for honoring my work in their post.

Please head over to the blog and have a look at the post and the other fantastic photographers featured in it.

Presentation Follow-Up

I don’t want to bore you too much with my small achievements, but I wanted to give a quick follow up on the presentation that I have done during a workshop on Friday. Also at the same time I would like to thank everyone who sent their wishes to me via Facebook and Twitter and of course to Kai Tirkkonen for giving me the opportunity to present my work.

To make a long talk short, it went very well and it took in fact much longer than I expected it to be. I calculated about 30min but in the end it turned out to be roughly an hour. Longer, doesn’t of course mean better, but still it was a surprise and the time passed by quickly.

I realized that, besides all planning and reformatting, the screen resolution for the projector didn’t work really out. Resulting in slightly pixelated and slightly dark images. Which is a little sad, as I saved the presentation in the correct format and resolution to preserve the best possible image quality. Well no can do, at least now. Some testing would have helped here.

While I’m pretty much used to talk in public I learned, or better realized, that I’m much better with writing about my work than talking about it. A rough idea you might get when you listen to my few audiocasts here on the blog. Maybe I should just do more of them.

Besides these two minor flaws the presentation went well, and I believe to have achieved what I was aiming at, an informative and visually pleasing presentation. A few findings or topics of these talks, I will post here on the blog in the near future.

In future presentation of these kinds I will do some things slightly different and most likely more thoroughly. While I thought it was already rather clear in it’s basics, I can now imagine it to be even clearer. Hopefully I will have another chance in the near future again.

The Presentation Is Ready To Go

Big day today! During the last few days I have been busy preparing what is going to be my first bigger presentation of my work (outside the blog or my living-room that is) and tonight I will going to present it. Roughly 90 slides nicely put together in Keynote and full of hopefully nice images and useful information.

I was asked by photographer Kai Tirkkonen to do a presentation of my work together with an introduction into landscape photography during a weekend workshop of his. Besides showcasing my images I will talk a bit about techniques, composition and location scouting. A bit of everything.

So far it looks very nice and I hope it will work then in the evening. As a bonus one print of mine will also be given away as a prize to the participants of the workshop. I will keep you posted.

And while I’m just at the topic of image presentation.


A few weeks ago, naturally during my holidays when I was aways from the compute, Photoshelter has added a few new features to it’s and one of them would be a portfolio feature. Once I returned I added one to my page myself, but if you visit my site usually through your feedreader you might have missed out on that. So feel free to visit my portfolios which feature so far my colour and black and white images. Naturally you can of course also browse through my galleries.

And since you are already here, you can have of course a look at my latest attempt of increasing the readability of this site, an endeavor which is still going on at the moment.

More to come…

I Like To Read…

I like to read… offline (these funny big and heavy things which have way more than 600 words and made of paper) and online. But in fact most of my reading is taking place in my web browser on the desktop or on some iDevice. As such I enjoy to read on sites that have a good readability and are a pleasure to the eyes. Something that somehow seems to be forgotten on quite many sites, unfortunately often also on photography sites which are those which I read the most. I do have to admit that my blog really wasn’t an exception here.

While I was, and still am, very satisfied with the design of my blog-theme, I wasn’t quite happy with the presentation of the text. In it’s default it was just not designed to present text and I found it sometimes slightly difficult to read it myself. The fonts especially on a bigger monitor appeared too small and had too much contrast on the dark background.

I wanted to change something for quite some time already but just the other day I somehow got an idea how I would like to re-design the colour scheme and the fonts to improve the reading experience.

It was one of those “let’s what happens” moments during which the process seemed to have gotten out of control and a few hours later it ended up like this. While I’m still ironing out some minor flaws here and there I’m overall much more satisfied with the reading experience now. It is definitely not perfect yet, but an overall improvement.

Additionally I experimented with a few webfonts, which to my delight are since yesterday’s iOS update also iPad compatible, and if you are using a modern browser on your desktop you should be seeing the site as I intended it to be. There’s still some minor details coming, but the overall idea is getting there. If you happen to run into any weirdness please let me know in the comments, drop me a DM or email.

And while I’m just at the topic of reading…

I recently received the latest books by David Noton “Full Frame” and Joe Cornish “A Photographer at Work” and I can highly recommend both of them. Wonderful images and writing. But more on that maybe later…

Happy Anniversary!

Open the champagne bottles and launch the fireworks! Today it’s party time! At least a little…

It’s now three years ago that I was looking for a more personal presentation of my work than the common photo sharing sites then allowed and launched my first photoblog which was then entitled “From 10 to 300mm”. The site has developed quite a bit since then and hopefully continues to do so.

From the beginning on I was interested in presenting my work in a way that I like. Assuming that I would be only visitor of my site I wanted to create a site that I would like to visit myself. The result were multiple re-designs, addition and removal of features and what not. Luckily, and this is thanks to you, I’m not the only visitor to my site anymore.

A year after the launch of the photoblog, I added a blog to the site, and launched multiple other blogs (liveblogs, microblogs and what not) to go along with it. Just take a moment and think about the mess that I created. All of these additions culminated in the installment of this blog. After switching over to my own install of WordPress I finally have all the control about design and functionality in my hands. Something that I definitely enjoy and take much benefit of, and so far I haven’t broken anything. At least nothing that I know of.

When I launched the first blog, I would never have thought that it will stick and that I will still have it running after such a long time. This is course also due to you, my dearest visitor. Without your support and your encouragement through comments and social media replies I don’t know would I still be doing it and I’m very thankful for that.

I pulled the kill-switch on my photoblog earlier this year and I still have a little back-catalog of images and posts that I will add here as well over time. It is likely though, that the posts will be revised, if not rewritten and images re-processed.

My galleries are now hosted on Photoshelter, a service that I’m very happy with as it seamlessly integrates with my blog which is a slightly tweaked design from Graphpaperpress and everything get’s nicely backup’d in the background by Vaultpress.

But now I don’t want to bother you any longer with my ramblings and rather invite you to browse a little through my blog or my galleries which will receive a minor facelift once I find the time.

Thanks again for visiting!