Shit Apple Fanatics Say (Part 1)

I am positively caught having used the glasses one myself.

Found via The Loop (Part 2).


The First Frost – Videoblog

I haven’t been posting another fresh entry in my videoblog for quite some time now and I think it’s about time to change that. A quick follow-up and a preview to an upcoming image with some behind-the-scenes kind of material.

And it comes with a little back story… Having my 5d Mk II with me, I planned to record a nice video in HD quality from location. Maybe even adding a few close-ups here and there. So far the plan sounds nice. Much to my own embarrassment I have to admit that the person behind the camera (read: me) did not read the manual and therefore didn’t manage to record the video with the camera. So I had to opt for plan “B” and use the iPhone for that purpose. It’s of course not bad, but most likely it will be the last time I record a videoblog with the iPhone.

I hope though you will find it informative and fun and another image from the outing will go live on the blog in the not so distant future.

So, here we go and I hope you will like it.


Unexpected Encounter – The Video

Last week I blogged about about a brief encounter with a young and very curious fox and posted a few pictures. What wasn’t ready by then, was the video that I recorded a little earlier. But now it’s done and since it’s only a few seconds second I added a slideshow.

At one point he came so close to the car that the focus of my G9 was off, and before I could refocus he disappeared before coming back. But then again, you probably already know that.

Article Video

Something Big

 As I’m now almost done processing, or better, merging the panoramas (the processing hasn’t even started yet, not even talking about dust-brushing……) I ran into the problem that at least two of them so far simply are so huge, that I have a hard time getting them into a presentable format for the blog. If I post them in the size, or better the composition that I had in mind when I took them, they will look, well, kind of small on the blog.

I have been experimenting with a few different crops, but none of them did even get close to what I wanted to achieve. Less is more they say, but think how much more more will be (I know… shameless Frasier quote)

So I have been debating with myself how to present the image at it’s best and figured out two possibilities: one being a video and the other being an interactive flash thingy. As usual I do have decision issues, so I simply decided to use both. If you want to, you can watch the video right here on the site or go here to see the interactive version in a new window. It’s hosted on Dropbox and I hope this will work. At least it did for me here.

I have a few more panoramas to come up, and while most of them are in a postable format some are not. For those I will use the same procedure I guess. As usual I will do a little wrap-up of the trip together with a slideshow/video most likely. I hope this to be ready by next week.

And yes…. sorry for the cheesy background music. Just had to…

Article Video

The Search Comes to an End (probably)

In the search of the perfect (at least for my needs) camera bags, I have purchased multiple sling-bags, backpacks, shoulder-bags and what not. Every of those bags has something good about it, but also something which somehow didn’t live up to my needs. I know, it’s a little ridiculous, I should worry more about actually taking pictures, but my unfortunate work-schedule and the sometimes unfriendly weather conditions (seriously, haven’t much sun during the last three weeks) doesn’t always allow me to do landscape photography. So, I can then at least worry about something ;-)

On my holidays, I ran into the Kata 3N1-30 (I said wrong in the video) which hopefully will end my search. It has all the features that I’m looking for in a camera bag, and seems to be bigger from the inside that from the outside (I know…. ;-) )

I thought that instead of talking much about the bag, I will quickly shoot a little video to show you what I like about it. I screwed up several things in this video, and there’s a surprise guest (didn’t notice during the recording), and the camera is not well placed (something that I also notice after I recorded) and it’s so involuntarily funny that I decided to post it anyway.

On a little side note, I will sell some, well most, of my other bags. Please keep an eye on the blog for some future updates. I will announce that here, before selling them on ebay.


A Clip About What’s Inside My Bag

I must admit that I’m a total bag-geek, and I have more camera bags than pants (really, no joke). I’m still searching for the perfect bag for me, but it’s still not at the horizon. Over at the Pixyblog Forum we also had recently a poll going on about the kind of camera bag people are using, which was when I had the idea for this clip.

In the past I ran into a few videos like that and I think it’s very interesting to have a seek-peek into other peoples camera bags. That’s why I thought it could be fun to do a little video myself.

Unfortunately I didn’t know then what I was starting. Between the idea and the actual filming passed several months. And from recording to producing it, at least one more. Still I’m not sure whether or not this was a good idea, as being in front of a camera in my kitchen and talking to it felt weird at best.

Either way I had some fun producing an enormous amount of out-takes, which will never see the light of day. But between Take 18 or 19 or I managed to get through the recording with only a little amount of mis-namings or otherwise senseless sentences. I have corrected and annotated some things in the clip where it was necessary.

I don’t want to waste any more time and here’s the little video on what’s in my bag and just don’t take it too seriously. It is what it is…a clip about the contents of my bag:

I hope you enjoyed this and if you have a similar video you’re welcome to leave a note in the comments.