Info + Gutenberg and some changes - Now that Gutenberg is available on (I’m not sure if there was any announcement anywhere, or if it’s a still semi-offcial beta thingy) I quickly made some adjustments to the CSS of my theme to make it more or less compliant, despite the fact I’m still torn whether or not to move this blog, … Continue reading + Gutenberg and some changes
All the Audiobooks and one other thing that I listened during the last weeks - Since finishing the The Complete Sherlock Holmes I have listened/read whatever, a few more books, but, aside in the case of the Herbie Hancock autobiography didn’t came around to quickly post a note to the blog. This is of course, completely unacceptable. Anyway, here is now the list, because you need to know: John Scalzi: … Continue reading All the Audiobooks and one other thing that I listened during the last weeks
The one with Flipboard and my RSS-Feedreader - During the last month I have tested going back to Flipboard for tech-/geek- and general news instead of subscribing to 30+ tech-sites in my RSS-reader with a rather good success rate. Turning point was that I was when I realized how much time I spent skimming on a daily basis through hundredths of articles versus … Continue reading The one with Flipboard and my RSS-Feedreader
26 September 2018


Bought new keyboard case because the old one didn’t agree with the coffee which spilled upon. Related pro tip: don’t dry the keys with hair-dryer: keys melt faster than expected.

22 September 2018

Updating an old iPhone 5s that I had in the book-shelve for years to iOS12. Currently it is running iOS 9.3.3 Even though I need to connect the phone to a computer, it is amazing that this is at all possible. Wondering how it will work afterwards.

21 September 2018

Had a great rehearsal with the OASBB featuring the great Jukka Perko and Jukka Eskola performing Jazz Noir composed and conducted by Jussi Lampela. That is going to be a fun concert tomorrow.