The Fruit From Hell - The other we tried the infamous fruit Durian, or as I will refer to it in the future: the fruit from hell. Even though we only had access to a dried sample, the smell was not only bad, but also, as I firmly believe, extremely persistent as it still lingers around here and sneaks its … Continue reading The Fruit From Hell
Summer Party - After the concert the Big Band had it’s belated summer party at this gorgeous location.
The finished Lego BB-8 - The other day I got the Lego BB-8 as a birthday gift and we had a blast putting it together. Some parts, especially the inner ones controlling the moving bits, were surprisingly tricky to put together. In short a nice challenge. The model is just lovely, I especially enjoy the wobbling head part: Also the … Continue reading The finished Lego BB-8
13 August 2018
12 August 2018

Got me a few more audio-books at the current Audible 2-for-1-sale. Scalzi: The Androids Dream & Agent to the Stars, Stephenson: The Diamond Age and the Complete Blackwater Saga by Michael McDowell. Now I only need the time to listen to them. 📚

Boba Fett 10 August 2018

Our little boy got this Lego set as a gift and it is simply gorgeous looking.