I got lots of reading done during the last few days. First I finished the audiobook of George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers and enjoyed the story and reading a lot. Somehow the story had this “Shining-vibe” to it. Also I started to read (as in actually reading) V.E.Schwab’s first book in the Villians series – Vicious and have a hard time putting it down. What a great and fast read and I guess I will be through it within this week.

The ‘Pori’-chord symbol font for Sibelius

For the longest time I have been working on getting my lead-sheet style in the editor of my choice just right, the one thing that I always found the point of failure were the look of the chord-symbols. I really like the style of the “The New Real Book” but neither Finale, Musescore or Sibelius came close.  Alas, this seems to have changed now.

As announced in the post Introducing the Norfolk and Pori chord symbol fonts for Sibelius on Scoring Notes the people behind NYC Music Services have ported Dorico’s Petaluma font (no, I’m not going to try Dorico as well, although I’m tempted) to Sibelius and judging by the screenshots it looks just like what I’m looking for. 

The one thing I’m wondering is how this font does blend with the other “handwritten” fonts in Sibelius, but I guess I will figure that out once I have given it a thorough try. 

The Pori font (amongst others) is available on the NYC Music Services site

5.0 and waiting for Twenty Nineteen

Now that WordPress 5.0 has landed I’m eagerly awaiting for the new default theme Twenty Nineteen to arrive on Worpdress.com as well. I learned earlier that there are some issues at the moment, but I hope that they are going to be resolved soon. For the time being I have switched back to Independent Publisher 2, since it is already Gutenberg-ready, or at least more so than my previously, rather extensively tweaked theme.

The new Gutenberg editor on the other hand (I still have to make sure to learn the keyboard-shortcuts), had been enabled for quite some time on WordPress.com and I like it a lot. So much so, that I have created a little bookmark to launch it as a individual Chrome window and use it for a while as my main editor to write here for the blog. Chrome on Windows has this nice thing, that one can open bookmarks “in a Window” without any toolbars, which gives the editor in this case more of a app-feel.

I’m looking forward to give the new theme a spin as well, but in any case I’m happy to use 5.0, or the editor for that matter, and look forward to see what else is coming up.

Art Selfie-ing

Talking about things not previously available here… While checking out the augmented reality Vermeer exhibition in the Google Arts & Culture app, which is awesome in itself, I realized that the art-selfie (already old elsewhere, I know, don’t get me started please) is now available as well. Don’t know when that happened, but I’m happy to finally be able to try it out.

Despite my best attempts I never got a higher match than 77%. In various attempts this one most commonly the highest match:

A King… not bad,even though I doubt the similarities

This one the most common:

And these most likely the most hilarious:

Nice! Photo Book creation has silently been added to Google Photos up here. This must have happened during the last week(s?) or so. Haven’t noticed this before and haven’t read any announcement about it. Anyway, it’s nice to have this feature now.