All the Audiobooks and one other thing that I listened during the last weeks

Since finishing the The Complete Sherlock Holmes I have listened/read whatever, a few more books, but, aside in the case of the Herbie Hancock autobiography didn’t came around to quickly post a note to the blog. This is of course, completely unacceptable.

Anyway, here is now the list, because you need to know:

  • John Scalzi: Redshirts
  • Herbie Hancock: Possibilities
  • John Scalzi: The Android’s Dream
  • The X-Files: Cold Cases (technically this is not really a book, it’s an audio-drama in fact, and features both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and it is a hell of a fun and I will definitely get the follow-up as well)

Currently I’m listening (I still can call it reading):

In my cue currently are:

With all of these books I hardly find the time to listen to some podcasts, but I still catch up every Thursday with The Magnus Archives which hasn’t lost any of its excitement and, I guess, soon with reach it’s end.

So, that’s it for now. If there is something new coming up, I’m sure there will be a “look-what-I-finished” post.

Just finished the audiobook of Herbie Hancock’s autobiography “Possibilities” and what an inspiring read! Now will have to go through my notes and transcribe all the quotes for future references, as well as listen to the recordings that I’m not familiar with. Overall a fantastic book and highly recommended. 📚

Finally new glasses

After sitting on and breaking my previous glasses, and sticking with crap glasses from the supermarket for a while, I finally got new ones. Nice to see again sharply.


Related: when I got my first, and previous glasses, I still was on ADN and posted it there. Seems ages ago.

Also related: the piano looks scratched quite badly.

The one with Flipboard and my RSS-Feedreader

During the last month I have tested going back to Flipboard for tech-/geek- and general news instead of subscribing to 30+ tech-sites in my RSS-reader with a rather good success rate. Turning point was that I was when I realized how much time I spent skimming on a daily basis through hundredths of articles versus actually finding something interested to read.

This got annoying and a lot of interesting things from my favourite sites got un-noticed in this mess.

For the last month I tried then, training Flipboard again and found that I discovered a lot more interesting articles and a lot less that I don’t care about at all. It’s not perfect, but much better this way. I wish Flipboard had better tools to select, or even deselect topics, though.

I have now removed most of the tech-/news-/ whatever- sites from my RSS reader, and kept in there only the sites that I really care about. Most of them are now personal blogs, ie. from my friends, some blogs from sites that I want to stay up-to-date with and some selected Twitter feeds, which I can subscribe to easily in Inoreader. Basically sites that updated lot less frequently. My RSS-feed now has become much less busy and 100% interesting again. Perfect!

This naturally opened a totally new can of worms, because even though Inoreader does do Twitter feeds (and other titleless formats such as Micro-blogs), it’s presentation though is less than optimal, and I find myself looking at Feedbin, which handles those a lot better, again. I have tried/used the service in the past, but always found the interface a bit too slow for me, but then again, I had a lot more posts to weed through… so, maybe I will give it a try again.

I have tested this setup now for little more than a month, and am rather happy with it. Let’s how it looks like in another month.