My Todoist Report for 2017

Just as last year, Todoist has released the stats of the users usage. And you know how much I like stats

During 2017 I have mostly stuck to using Todoist hence I guess these numbers are fairly accurate and reflect my usage rather well. Mostly? There was this brief time, of a month and a half or such, in which I re-activated my old iPhone and thought it would be particular smart to try Things.


@manton in: Books on

Today we’re introducing a search collection using emoji, starting with books. Just include 📚 with your microblog text about a book you’re reading or related topic, and your post will automatically be collected on /discover/books.

This is both a great feature and idea! Looking forward to check what other people have posted (or will post) and add my own reading lists.

iA Writer – BOOM!

Some things you can’t make up. I was just writing a short piece on how I have, again, ditched Ulysses and went back to my ever trusted iA Writer. I was in need of a reference from their blog and read their post BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!!

Woah! Windows app, web-collaboration! Excellent!

I was just describing how would I set up into a fake-iA Writer on Windows, which now is redundant. For once I’m happy some work was in vain!

Looking forward to the Kickstarter and of course both app and service. I have been a fan of the app since it has been released and look forward to what is coming up.

The Books I Read in 2017

The stats from Goodreads came in the other week and I was happy to realize that I reached my reading-goal for this year. I didn’t succeed with big fanfare though, as I just nailed it with 17 out of 17 books.

Okay, the year is not over yet, and I just started reading Persepolis Rising, and still have John Scalzi’s ”Your Hatemail will be Graded” in the works, but somehow I doubt I will get either done still this year. But hey, I might surprise myself.

And now some stats

According to Goodreads the stats look like this:

17 books with 5,746 pages alltogether. With 24 pages the shortest book would be Scalzi’s The Tale Of The Wicked (actually it’s a short story) and the longest would be Caliban’s War with 611 pages. The highest rated book (on Goodreads) is Chet Baker: The Missing Years and the most popular one Leviathan Wakes.

The books in the Expanse series by James S.A.Corey and the work of John Scalzi were certainly my discovery of the year. I especially enjoyed ”Old Mans War”.

The Books

Considered the time that I have to read, I guess I will not go out far, and keep my goal of 17 books for the next year.


After another extra-painful attempt to upload some pictures and update an older post I left my hosting company and went back to running this site on I just was too fed up with the situation. Seemingly uploading 6 images is too much too ask when 5 is totally enough.

It wasn’t even a real rage-quit, I’m good at those. I was in contact with support and tried to solve the issue. Even though the replies were very thorough, they were also not really helpful in the grand scheme of things. It all would have resulted in putting-in even more time and effort to fix, or to find the actual reason for the failures. More time and effort that I’m willing to put into or up with.

So, I did the one thing that I’m already good at and exported/imported posts back into my old instance on and after 20min I was done. Everything is fast and snappy again, and guess what, uploading stuff naturally works as expected.

Of course, I will loose (again) some of the benefits of hosting the blog myself, such as custom plugins and themes and some embeds, but at least things will work. If I really miss some of the plugins, I still have the option to upgrade my plan, which as of recently allows for installing stuff. The latter would give me the best of both worlds, but seems overkill for now.

The one plugin that I know Iwill miss, is Webmentions. It seems though that Bridgy will be able to take care of that for me. I haven’t yet had the time to set that up, but do so in the next days.

Once the DNS has properly propangated, which might still take a while, the site should be running smooth and fast again.

One 404 Error away from Madness

Yesterday I spent about 2 hours uploading 17 images to my blog. 17 measly images that should have been uploaded already during the process of importing my posts on the new install anyway, yet didn’t. There are more, many more images that didn’t import correctly, but those 17 were the ones that I planned to fix today. As in: quickly.

As during the last time I quickly wanted to upload the missing images, the process was riddled with http errors, failed uploads and 404’s. As already mentioned, it took two hours to get 16 of the 17 uploaded. One image still fails, shows as thumbnail in backend and frontend, loads when asked to, but doesn’t show in the gallery. It’s a mystery.

This is very annoying and takes a severe toll my patience1.

The problem is, that I’m not sure in which direction to yell. Might be WordPress, might be my web-host (probably), some plug-in, my ISP, the weather, the dude next door? So I’m doing the only reasonable thing and yell here:


So, now that I’m done venting and feel a bit better, it is clear that I will stick with WordPress anyway. I tried many other services in the past and yet eventually figured that WordPress does all the things that I need to, including some I don’t.

And yes… already filed a ticket. Let’s see what come out of that.

  1. Everyone that knows me, knows that I hardly have any to begin with. 

A Castle Made Of…

I should be starting the post with the usual it’s that time of the year again, but then again, you already know that. Following the tradition of the previous years my wife made another great Gingerbread house again.

Since we had villages, Haunted Houses a Tardis and more it was time for a castle:

Apparently there is some sugar involved.

Oh my, OF!

It took me about a week after returning to OmniFocus to realize why I stopped using it in the first place. That didn’t last long. Makes exporting tasks that much faster.

For the time being I will go back to Things, even it that means I have to adjust the way I organize my stuff. I hope to figure out a system that fits into the app and allows to me to sort stuff the way I want. I’m not very optimistic, but let’s see.

I might even try Goodtask. This article from on makes a good argument for it. Eventually though, I’m sure I will go back to Todoist. It always served me well.

iA Writer’s new font

The post In Search of the Perfect Writing Font from the folks behind iAWriter popped up in my RSS reader the other ago and sadly turned into a case of TL’DR. Then, I didn’t had enough time or energy to finish reading it. In hindsight this was stupid, since it wasn’t until I read the linkpost on MacStories that I learned that iA Writer’s new font is available on GitHub!

I’m glad I didn’t miss this, since this is fantastic news!

Despite really liking Nitti (maybe even a little too much), I never could justify purchasing it. This new font looks and feels great and I installed it already in Ulysses.

As a bonus, the font it is based on, IBM’s new font, IBM Plex, is available on GitHub as well which is probably worth having a look at as well.

Thanks to the fine folks a iA for sharing.

And back to OmniFocus (again, like for the hundreth time)

After re-animating my 6plus the other week I also started to give Things 3 try and naturally I have some thoughts about it and learned something about myself. While it is visually without doubt the most beautiful, and well designed task-manager around I found it, besides all it’s simplicity too cumbersome to use.

Most frustating was1 that I seemingly can’t organize the tasks the way I want. I couldn’t find a easy way to, say, list all items in an area that have a due date. If the tasks were tagged though, I could see them in the Upcoming list filtered by that tag, but that easily get’s annoying once that task is far ahead into the future, and involved a lot of scrolling.

In short: there is no way to build up anything at least resembling perspectives. I didn’t know that I rely on them so much, but I had a few in Todoist and also in OmniFocus, which is what I am now using again.

However I hard I tried to use someting else, OF is the app I always come back to.

  1. And I’m not even going in now and talk about the lack of Spotlight/Siri -search or location based reminders.