Finally signed up for Storytel, think Spotify for audiobooks, and been enjoying it a lot so far. Doesn’t seem to have as large catalogue as Audible, but so far there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of things that I like. Wish it had support for chapters and Chromecast.

Appointment at the service station at 10:30. A couple of coffees, one McFeast menu and two hours later I’m still waiting for them to even start changing the battery. At least the coffee is free. This is where time stands still.

What’s next on my Reading List 📚

Many things work better for me when I have a goal, a deadline or something like this and finding motivation for reading is not that different. Now that I finished my last book it is time to think what I want to read next.

Yes, there is a lot of Scalzi in this list, but hey, he’s great and the first two books are like a collection of blog posts from this site (which is actually a great read in itself).