Whenever iA Writer receives a feature update I start thinking how I can make more use of the app. The new Windows beta looks very nice and this made me wonder again, whether I should move my journaling workflow over to plain text as well. I would be losing some benefits of a dedicated app, but I have the feeling that this could be the moment. Also future proof, cheaper and more reliable.

Yesterday I talked, amongst other things, how I launched my personal blog years ago. One thing that I forgot in the process, is that I took advantage of WordPress’ new, and free, photo.blog subdomains and set up a new photoblog a while ago. I plan to post like random things there. I don’t know if it will stick, but at least I can try. And if doesn’t, I will import the content here.

Today’s view from the Hotel Window

It’s been long ride, and by now it’s pitch black outside. So yes, I’m currently at the Ylläs Jazz & Blues festival, where we are going to perform the music of Esperanza Spalding as a support act for the Ricky Tick Big Band. This is going to be a fun show.

A quick side info: 9 years ago, during another concert trip, I launched my “personal blog” Too Much Latte while I was on the way here. I remember being rather adventures doing that in the bus, from my phone (I guess iPhone 3g or such) on WordPress.com. I also remember that the 3g network wasn’t then what it is now. Which should come as no surprise.

Needless to say that that blog has been merged long ago into this, though I’m sure I haven’t imported all posts. I just did a search on Archive.org and figured there are some archived pages and learned that I already then was doing “status” updates there. I will have to browse through that once and get some of the old stuff out.

The One with the Case of Bag-Fever

About how one thing led to another and all of a sudden I found myself in the search of a backpack. As if I wouldn’t have enough of those.

I want a new bag but I don’t necessarily need one. The storage room in the cellar is filled with bags that I don’t use anymore, because my needs have changes (I’m looking in this case at oversized camera-bags), or which are flawed in one way or the other.

The bags that I considered my favourites on the other hand, those which I used a lot, all broke. Most of the time it were the zippers, and in one case even the shoulder strap cut in half while throwing the bag over my shoulder.

I currently use the Anvanda bag, which fits all my stuff, but I’m kind of missing a few more organisational features. Also I would like to keep the laptop/tablet away from other stuff in the bag, like, say my lunch, should I ever remember to pack it, or a water bottle. But, despite that I like that bag and it’s quite different from what I usually used.

But, a few weeks ago, I, per accident, noticed a nice bag in a store: the Arc’teryx Blade 20. I looks good and has nice features. I was intrigued, interested even, but didn’t spent much time exploring it and forgot about it. Shortly thereafter, a slew of bag-reviews (related to-bags at least) entered my feed. First Matt Mullenweg’s “What’s In My Bag“, then Gabe Weatherhead’s, followed by Tim Nahumuck’s. All featuring different bags, talking about temptation.

One thing led to another and I found myself checking bags, reading reviews, watching bag-porn, ie. video-reviews on You Tube (I especially enjoyed this channel), and now I’m badly in-the-want for a new bag.

After somewhat thorough evaluation I boiled it down to these bags:

At the moment the Evergoods CPL 24 is by far my favourite from the above. The Synapse has a lot of things to organize stuff in, what I like, but is missing dedicated laptop department, which kind of can be built-in, but costs extra. The Black Ember is nice, but maybe a bit too Batman for me.

What I’m especially looking for is a bag that I can use for a looong time, can have multiple use-cases, is weather resistant (driving bike a lot), and is most likely to not fall apart.

I’m routinely hovering over the “Add To Cart” button, but will try to think about that a bit and look at some more bags possibly. That can’t hurt, though I have a hunch that I might have ordered one, minutes after the post goes live.

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Funny how, after a few days of cold between -25 and -30, multiple people insisted it has gotten really warm today. I had been -18 degrees at that time. I guess it’s called positive thinking.

About a Key and Headphones That Reach up to the Elevator

So, the post I had planned to publish today, didn’t come out, instead you get this one.

Today I intended to write something clever, or at least mildly informative, about a case of bag-fever that I am apparently suffering from, or finish my already-started-and-still-half-finished yearly stats, or maybe post and update on my reading list. And, you guessed it already, all you get is this:

Today I learned that my bluetooth headphones have a reach up to the elevator. Somewhere in the ballpark of 10 metres and a closed door in between.

I figured that out, when the audiobook I was listening to suddenly stopped mid-sentence when I entered the elevator. This shall also be known as the moment, I realized my phone was still inside the apartment, right next to the keys of the latter.

It goes without saying, that also no one but me was at home at that time, except for the cat and the dog perhaps. The latter was right next time on his way out, with me.

Short rest of this: we waited until my wife returned and during that time I came up with the idea for this post. Blame the headphones if you will, with a cabled headphone, this wouldn’t have happened. Just sayin’, but I wouldn’t want to go back to headphones with cables either.

And yes, you also get this: a picture I took during the only time of this day, when I was out and in daylight at the same time:

Surely no masterpiece, but it wasn’t intended to be either

Glad that Star Trek Discovery is back. I enjoyed the first show of the second season, and caught myself thinking frequently that is kind of more exciting than many of the movies. Looking forward to the next episode. 🖖