Another “Woods in Winter” panorama

This one is conveniently taken next to the parking-lot in front of the house.

It was rather chilly outside the other day (somewhere between -15 and -24 in the night), and snow was coming down very gently during the day and nicely sticking to trees. I always like it when that happens, and I like how the tree trunks always stand out then.

To create a panorama I tried simply walking along the path and keep the panorama-mode of the phone running. I had to to try this a few times until it I got a decent composition and later took one from a static vantage point. I think this was one of the first type. I edited this app simply in Google Photos.

Note: There seems to a be bug with not loading the correct image size, causing them to upscale and the blur. I figured out a workaround but will have to file a bug report.

Two Jazz Links and my new favourite Blog

Two articles caught my attention the other day and I quickly found myself reading, bookmarking post after post, watching videos on what probably already has become my new favourite blog.

At the moment I already have the feeling I link almost daily over to Jazz Wax, but he posted a Jackie McLean documentary which I’m eager to watch.

And the next one is huge.

The year is young, but as I read on about the The 1959 Project I was almost sure to have found the contender for my favourite new blog for this year already.

The premise of the blog is an attempt to chronologically puzzle together the year of 1959 with it’s events and releases in Jazz history and to give some more information about them. Think liner-notes, photography (I mean seriously: check out these from a Charles Mingus gig), excerpts from newspapers… Simply fantastic.

We might not have been there, but we can put a record on, close our eyes, and imagine.

Natalie Weiner in the About-Section

Fantastic! I’ll recommend to head over there and check it out. I have the feeling that there is a lot of great stuff coming up there. And thanks to for sharing.

My Todoist Report 2018

Despite my constant, annoying and rather un-productive back and forth with task-managers I seemed to have done rather fine.

It’s that time of the year again, STATS! The fine folks over at Todoist had done again an amazing job and produced, as in the previous years, a wonderful infographic with the users statistics. My complete overview you can find here. I just enjoy these.

Since I mostly stuck with Todoist this year I guess the data is more accurate than last year. Note: I had one short stint in spring, and a much shorter in autumn using my iPhone and in the process Things/OF again, needless to say, it didn’t stick. Additionally I also worked, and still do, with Microsoft ToDo.

That being said, I checked off 124 more tasks last year than in 2017, which, according to the stats, puts me in the top 5% of users. I guess that’s good 👍. My karma-level though hasn’t changed, thanks for asking, and am by the time I write this still 19550 points away from becoming enlightend.

Aside the increased checked-off tasks, my usage, or productivity, hasn’t much changed since last year. Merely turned.

My most productive time during 2018 was at 22:00 followed by 9 in the morning. I’m not surprised about that (currently writing this at 23:49) because those peak times coincide with my “free” time before and after being at work. During work, or better, while being physically there, I usually get less done. Also no real surprise. Last year my peak times were at 9 o’clock in the morning.

Related to the latter, are the months I get most done, or rather, have to get more done. Autumn and Spring are the beginnings of a new teaching season, and my Todoist is full of things to prepare for upcoming projects such as writing arrangements and what not. Summer is historically empty.

The gap during October most likely means a period I used/tried another task-manager. I remember using my iPhone for about a month and using both Things and OmniFocus, because I obviously can’t have enough task-managers.

Last year this graph looked a bit different, but not dramatically, with a peak in January, from there it went slowly down.

I have fun looking at these stats, since I can now see how the year went a bit. As usual, I’m looking forward to next year, but considered that these stats already show some trends I guess there will be no surprises. Then again, you never know. posted the other day about The World’s Fastest Human on a Bike which was 293 km/h. Which, even with all the technique involved, is mind-boggling. Just for fun I asked Wolfram Alpha and learned, that at that speed, it would take me 36.86 seconds to work. In normal life, I might make it up to the elevator in that time.

I find that reading a book which jumps a lot between timelines in the present and various stages in the past, is way more challenging in an audiobook compared to a book-book for the lack of a better term. Surely needs more focus. I take this as a good thing.