My wife surprised me with some new additions to the Lego Star Wars Family for my birthday which go nicely in the new display alongside the Falcon. Also in stealth some not-so-Star-Wars-but-equally-fun-figures and dog hair, which is apparently only visible in pictures but not in real life.

I don’t think I will *ever* get to the point at which I start to begin to understand, as of to why in so many cases an e-Book is more expensive than it’s physical counterpart. Paperback 7.99 vs Kindle 10.03…

Much to my own surprise my work starts next week, and not as I was living in the believe for the whole vacation, on Wednesday. What a pleasant surprise! I might actually be done with my preparation by the time I start working. Which would be a primer.

Performing tonight at 22:00 o’clock on the Elojazz Festival with the OASBB feat. Jukkis Uotila, Timo Hirvonen and Jussi Lehtonen playing the music of Jaco Pastorius. This is going to be a fun one.

Nice, just realized that the latest version of Chrome (v.76?) now supports Dark Mode for websites as well (there is probably a proper term for this). Either way, my blog now looks as intended in both modes in Firefox and Chrome 👍.