I started to read and buy more graphic novels than ever before, which, so far, are all adaptation of Neil Gaiman stories and books. I enjoyed all of them and was happy to hear that “Norse Mythology” is also going to be adapted and the other night I ran (via Neil Gaiman’s Twitter) into this behind the scenes of the process with the artist Graig P. Russel himself. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.


T minus12 minutes


Done! Tree’s up.


Since Flickr popped up in my feed frequently enough to bring it back to attention, I finally cleaned it up a bit, moved it off Yahoo and deleted my Yahoo account in the process. Feels like a 10 minutes well spent. You can find me here btw.


On Support Chat

Over the course of the last few days I had to spent some time in a couple of sessions in a “support-chat” to sort out some issues that I had with an order (or better the lack thereof, and the money paid for).

In either of those instances the support had been understanding, friendly and helpful, yet, a few thoughts came into my mind. These were not related to the quality of the support, which was good, but more of a general type: who, or what, am I actually talking to.

  • I find it peculiar that one can not be sure anymore if one is talking to a human or a bot.
  • Would spelling/typing errors be added on purpose to hide the fact one is talking to a bot? Still, I hope to have a talked to a human.
  • Why are they at work at that ghostly hour I started the chat in the first place (in my defense here: I was just happy to have found the page with the support options and started the chat, because I might never find the page again)?
  • Bot or human, it is nice to be polite myself (and got positive feedback about my politeness)

I’d like to think I talked/chatted with an actual human being any way and are happy that my issues have been resolved in the meanwhile, bot or not.


Today my wife and me celebrated today our 8th wedding anniversary! As today had been a normal and normally long, workday, we will celebrate a bit more on the weekend with the new Star Wars movie.


Weeknotes #7

It is time for a long overdue edition of the Weeknotes. Life and my newly found extensive journaling habit have kept me from sitting down and actually writing the Weeknotes even though I had enjoyed writing them. Yes, all six of them :-)

To keep things reasonably short I will limit myself to the last or so week.

Twenty Twenty Theme

On the blog the biggest change was of course my switch over to the new default theme Twenty Twenty this week. At some point in the past I decided to rather stick to the default themes, instead of obsessively try all available themes and tweak them to my needs, or to what I think my needs to be.

I have been adjusting this theme only a little bit (it is probably a record) and so far like it a lot and I finally managed to get in the features and design that I had been looking for with only minimal adjustments. All this had been possible thanks to Gutenberg and I’m rather satisfied and the possibilities of this setup.

There are still a few bugs in the theme which are out of my control to fix (the menu and search box on mobile and select browsers) and some inconsistencies that I have introduced myself and will fix over time. Here mostly the fonts on Android.

As far as I can tell, even though being at version 10 (?), Android still has no other native fonts than the Droid family, making the design looking less nice on Android, something that I don’t like. Via I therefore switched to the font Chaparral which is close enough to the theme’s native font and doesn’t require any extra adjustments in CSS. Something simple for a change.


One of the biggest changes for me this year, had been my re-found interest to write by hand.

Despite countless drawbacks, challenges and frustrations my handwriting is slowly improving. Even though I’m still not satisfied I am by now able to write rather long stretches of time without strain on hand or arm, and with a more or less consistent quality, even though “quality” is relative.

Writing by hand had a profound influence in my life and what I have learned during this time, I might put at some point into a separate post.


I have published the other day already the list of books that I read during the last weeks and currently I read mostly short-stories. Here I switch authors/themes depending on mood and therefore don’t “finish” that many books.

The books that I’m currently reading though are:

  • Neil Gaiman: Neverwhere (Re-Read)
  • The New Annotated Lovecraft
  • John Crowley: Novelties and Souvenirs
  • Richard Matheson: Nightmares at 20000 feet
  • Alan Moore: The Bojeffries Saga


I hardly watch anything anymore. That little time I have I tend to spent otherwise. Mostly reading or writing in one way or the other. ;Naturally I’m looking forward to the next and final Star Wars episode. Of course…

I guess that might be it for the moment. The next edition of these posts, will tell whether or not this turned out to be a one-off.


This Year's Gingerbread Village

I almost forgot to put the picture’s up on here but Tiina and the kids’ have built this year’s gingerbread house, or more of a village actually. It is as great as always.

As usual, there is some sugar involved and it will come “down” in the beginning of January.