Privacy Policy

I’m not really up to speed with this, but from my understanding, one is now required to have a privacy policy. Well, just to be sure, here this is.

So let me get this straight right from the beginning: I’m in no way whatsoever interested into any data from you. As a matter of fact, there is no word in any language known to man, which properly describes my utter lack of interest into your data. This is my personal blog and in no way a business.

With this out of the way (bear in mind, I’m no lawyer and have no idea if any of this is worth the time I spend writing it and also, I can’t state this enough, in no way interested into your data), let’s talk a bit about the things that are running on this site.

The thing with the Cookies

First of all, this little website of mine that I maintain now since 2008 or such, is my, as it says from time to time in tagline, my personal blog and is hosted on and by

This site is my hobby and I don’t make any money here. No ads, no referral links no nothing, in fact it only costs me money. Looking at it from this perspective it seems actually a dumb thing to do in the first place. Anyway…

Automattic, the company which is hosting the service this blog is running on sets cookies for various purposes, one of which would be to provide statistics for this site or advertising which I have none whatsoever of.

I personally have no control about what kind of cookies are in use and personally certainly can’t install, or have installed, anything which would track you, because, and again, I don’t give nothing about your data. But since you came here, there is reason to believe that you actually care about such things and I suggest you refer to Automattic’s Cookie Policy where you will find some answers.


I have removed the ability to leave comments on this site for the time being, but if you have left one, by your own will in the past, the data you have provided will be stored in the database.

These will be your comment (of course) and your email address and whatever data you have chosen to provide and which you have entered yourself into the form. Additionally to that, the IP address from the point of origin is saved automatically. I literally can’t say that number means anything to me. Not even going to pretend.

So, if you have ever left a comment, or believe you have done so, drop me a note and I can get rid of that for you, send you a copy or whatever you want to do with your comment.

I keep the option to remove all comments in total from this blog, to save myself from said pain.

And yes, when you send me a message via the contact form, I’m most likely receiving the same information. If you don’t want that, save both of us the trouble and don’t send me a message in the first place.

Videos and stuff

In a few cases I have embedded videos from YouTube, Vimeo and WordPress TV as well as the occasionally Spotify embed. When you watch those it is from my understanding the same as if you were watching said video or music as if you were on that service and you receive cookies from there. Scary stuff, I know, but for further information I’d suggest to refer to said company’s Privacy Policy.


I hope it became clear in the above that I personally neither collect any data, nor that I’m in any possible way interested into it. I just don’t care about your data and I hope this is enough.

On a personal note I’d suggest to use a browser which offers built-in tracking protection.