Current Reading 📚

After finishing the rest of the Nightflyers and other Stories by George R.R. Martin I continued with the first of the Murderbot Diaries, All System Red, by Martha Wells. It is a great read and I will surely read the remaining stories. I’m currently just wondering whether I buy them or simply use one month of Storytel, which would in fact be the cheaper option. Not sure yet.

While I think about that, I’m listening the Audible original audio-drama Alien – Out Of The Shadows. I’m half-way through and so far it is a fun listen.

In terms of podcast listening, I kept up with Limetown and some episodes of Daniel and Jorge explain the Universe which were very informative and fun. 

Some notes on Podcasts and Audiobooks

Despite my recent intention to step back from audiobooks for a while a focus on catching up with my podcast-backlog I only managed to take a minor break and caught up with my podcasts (mostly by unsubscribing or simply marking episodes in bulk as played) and then went back to Audible.

I did though enjoy listening to podcasts more regularly again and am now fully up to speed with “Wolverine” (I hope Marvel will produce more shows like this), the most recent “All About Android” as well as “Return Home” and “Limetown – Season 2” which both are still ongoing. Also tried a new science show “Daniel & Jorge explain the Universe” which is fun and interesting.

Once I had my podcast situation under control I, after finishing Scalzi’s “Consuming Fire” I continued with Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets and inspired by today’s post on got me George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers which I will get to once I finished another audiobook of german pulp-fiction John Sinclair. Next in line are either Stephen King’s “The Stand” or Justin Cronin’s “The Passage“, haven’t yet decided.

Since the end of the year is getting close, a post with some stats of the year, including my reading-list will be coming up.  

The one with my ’Audiobook’-habit

During the last few days I started to more and more question my audiobook-habit. Maybe there is just too much going on recently but I realized that I have a hard time following the books and focussing on the content. I frequently found myself drifting of and then wondering what the hell has happend in the book once I’m back.

On the other hand I have started reading Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett the old fashioned way and there I have the feeling that it is easier to enjoy the words, the language and the story of course. Also it is much harder to drift off, which still happens, but then at least will not miss stuff as I don’t mindlessly turn pages.

So, I guess it’s a good idea to take a break from Audiobooks for a while. I still will finish my (large-ish) backlog in Audible but focus more on reading. Finishing Good Omens and then the new Scalzi sounds like a good way to get back into it. Of course, the next book in the Expanse series is supposed to come out soon as well.

It seems I already made my decision.

All the Audiobooks and one other thing that I listened during the last weeks

Since finishing the The Complete Sherlock Holmes I have listened/read whatever, a few more books, but, aside in the case of the Herbie Hancock autobiography didn’t came around to quickly post a note to the blog. This is of course, completely unacceptable.

Anyway, here is now the list, because you need to know:

  • John Scalzi: Redshirts
  • Herbie Hancock: Possibilities
  • John Scalzi: The Android’s Dream
  • The X-Files: Cold Cases (technically this is not really a book, it’s an audio-drama in fact, and features both David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson and it is a hell of a fun and I will definitely get the follow-up as well)

Currently I’m listening (I still can call it reading):

In my cue currently are:

With all of these books I hardly find the time to listen to some podcasts, but I still catch up every Thursday with The Magnus Archives which hasn’t lost any of its excitement and, I guess, soon with reach it’s end.

So, that’s it for now. If there is something new coming up, I’m sure there will be a “look-what-I-finished” post.

Got me a few more audio-books at the current Audible 2-for-1-sale. Scalzi: The Androids Dream & Agent to the Stars, Stephenson: The Diamond Age and the Complete Blackwater Saga by Michael McDowell. Now I only need the time to listen to them. 📚

After finishing the last book in John Scalzi’s “Old Man’s War” series last week I continued with and finished last night  Peter Clines’s 14. Totally enjoyed the book and it’s reading. Now continuing with more Scalzi: Head On, read by Wil Wheaton. 📚

Finished the audio-book version of Ready Player One the other day. I have read plenty of SciFi, Horror, Fantasy and what not, but never had a book causing so many “You’re kidding”‘s, “WTF, Seriously?!” or the ever-present “Well, isn’t that convenient?”. Still it was entertaining, very well read by Wil Wheaton and urged me to play Galaga. Not really getting the hype though. 📚🔉