Dropbox Based Publishing Platforms

I used to have a blog on some of these and currently they seem to pop up again

Looking at my feeds it seems that Dropbox-based publishing platforms are getting traction again, which is great. Probably it’s Gabe’s fault :-).

Either way, I used to run this blog on Scriptogr.am and on some other platform which is probably not existing anymore. It was fun, but in the end I always went back to WordPress. It has more features (galleries come to mind) that I am looking for, even though Markdown based publishing feels more natural and is inherently simpler it just serves a different purpose.

Check out asocialfolder.com or Blot.im if you are interested into something like this. I try to resist for now.

There’s A Lesson To Be Learned

Today’s post is a bit different from the usual or at least from what I have planned. My original intention was to post today the follow-up of last week’s post, or to be more correct, the first post in a series of posts in which I introduce and/or write about some of my favourite places.

The post was written (more than 1300 words strong and counting) a while ago and the images to go with it, were naturally taken even longer ago. And this is where the whole thing started…

Some of those images are by now almost three years old, and while already processed, I had this “Let’s see what happens if…” kind-of-moment and started to play around with newer and updated tools and techniques on those images. I’m talking here mainly talking about newer version of Lightroom with it’s lens corrections and new processing workflow’s and techniques that I learned in the meanwhile.
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