Yet Another Absolutely Non Weekly Post

Another week and another weekly… no, wait. Okay, by now it's safe to say that I totally don't manage to find time to publish a weekly post on this blog. I have started quite a few posts, but never succeeded finishing them. Mostly, it wasn't lack of inspiration, but lack of time.

But well, here's another try and since you read this now, I actually succeeded.


As the snow now has finally melted 1, it has been time for some spring cleaning (as usual I should say) and I have been reorganising and re-thinking the way I usually try to organise and do stuff. I want to have things easy, non-complicated and most of all fast. This resulted in switching back, yet once more to Things for my task management. The almost instant sync does it for me. First I thought I'm going to really miss time-based reminders, but so far, the lack thereof has not led to major disasters. I will stick with it for a while and see what happens.

Writing tool wise I'm still happily working with MultiMarkdown Composer on the desktop and Nebulous Notes on iOS. I know that MMC is coming to iOS as well, but until then I'll stick with this setup. During the last few weeks I have tried a few different editors (again) but none of them does it for me.

Other than that, I have been trying to cut back a bit and tried only a few new applications. Mailbox is nice, but so far nothing else really stood out. At least, not that I could remember.

New Design

At some point I stopped writing about new themes and what not, as I tend to change them anyway all the time. My plan had been to stick to any of the default themes and simply edit some CSS to make the themes a more me for the lack of a better term, but this one has some nice features that I wanted, and still want, to take advantage of. As usual, I'm about to be finished soon… Some icons will need to be replaced and the (currently defunct) landing page will have to be done.

On Podcasts

I have been severely cutting down here as well. Over time I found that too many podcasts were merely set up with the same guests and topics that I got a bit tired of hearing the same topics and opinions over and over again. I found some new Jazz related podcasts and interview shows that so far have enjoyed.

Social Stuff

Much to my own surprise I have been using Facebook recently again a bit more. In fact, I first hid and un-friended a bunch of people, and then started to use it more again. Still, that doesn't mean that I actually post something there. Maybe that will come one day as well. is on fire recently and new and useful applications are all over the place. I don't have the time to always catch up with all the new things over anymore, but the app directory is surely a good place to start.

So I guess that's it for now. I'll try to have the next not-so-weekly-post out a bit earlier than in two months. But then again, you'll never know.

  1. Or is about to, you never know if it comes back or not.

Some Occasional Stuff

There’s no need to kid myself, but it’s save to say that I most likely will not be able to pull out a weekly post. It’s not that I haven’t tried, but it’s not going to happen as there’s always something else coming up.

Needles to say, that things have been busy. Ironically just having been on holidays, hence I should have had at least some time available to do some writing, yet I rarely found myself being able to focus on typing just anything. Now that I am for a quick visit at work (and with it an unnecessary wait), things are a bit different and I quickly found myself writing this post. Another (obvious) case of productivity through procrastination, if you consider me writing this generally as productive.

During the last week I did had good time to catch up with some podcasts and a few episodes with Dalton Caldwell really stood out. This came in timely with the recent release of ADN’s freemium model. If you are new to, or interested in, these two epidsodes are well worth a listen:

And while I’m talking about Podcasts: Comedian’s Jordan Cooper’s Blenderhead Podcast has become a new favourite of mine. It’s maybe not for everyone, but I do like the crap it.

Of the recently applications I think Kiwi (OS X) for ADN was an instant purchase. Very nice and polished client which features all the shortcuts that like to use for navigation purposes.

I think this actually might be it for now. More stuff to come, well, at some point.

Some Weekly Things

It turned out to be a fairly productive and overall active week. Which I guess is a good thing.

First off I finally managed to get my landing page out into the wild. Even though I’m not yet entirely satisfied I thought it’s better to get it out than to fiddle around and never really finish it.

I already wrote about the big things that have been announced over on during this week and photo uploads have been implemented already on’s web interface. I’m looking forward to see what developers are going to do with the new API. related I also had a quick look at Patter. Looks really nice, and I will have to check it out a bit more in the next days.

The OmniGroup had a lot of announcements during this week. OmniFocus 2 had been introduced and it does look really nice. Looking forward to give it a try at should I ever get access to the beta.

OmniOutliner is a tool that I haven’t been using as much as I would like as it could be the solution to some things that I would like to have solved. The (also) announced OmniOutliner 4 looks very tempting. I will have another look at it I guess.

Just during the night my everything tool Drafts received another nice update. Amongst some fixes and improvements it added also the new Courier Prime font.

And another update: Pinbook 1.3. This is a great update as the app now sports tag-browsing, improved editing and extended URL schemes. Now the app is super-useful for me as it makes it easier for me to clean-up and organize my bookmarks. Something that I have planned for a long time.

The Surface Pad, Twelve South’s new iPhone case is just about the one that I have been hoping to find one day. Unfortunately the shipping costs to here currently double the price. Guess I’ll wait a little to check if it comes to an Apple store.

So, that’s it for this week. Let’s see what comes up during the next one.

Some Weekly Things No.2

Just as I type this I realise that I maybe shouldn’t be numbering these posts as it is unlikely that I will manage to get a weekly summary of sorts out every week, but I at least try.

It had been a busy again and I hardly got half of the things done that I planned to. Some is due to an unreasonable workload, but some of it is, due to all the work that I have done here on the blog. Naturally I’m getting closer to where I want it to be, but it still will take some time.

During this week a few nice updates got released. First of all I’m giving now Documents a try. Together with my favourite PDF reader PDFexpert it seems to be a very good combo. It’s nicely designed and works well so far and provides an overall desktopish functionality.

With Pinner another client got released during this week and so far it does look very nice. It’s universal and includes a reader-like functionality as well as access to popular bookmarks on Pinboard, which occasionally comes in very handy. I’m not sure does it support URL schemes at the moment, which would be really nice to have to include into Mr.Reader which got an update during this week as well.

Essentially I do like Reeder better but the lately added functionality makes it very nice to use. You can read about these over on Macstories if you are interested.

I think I should start to keep notes during the week as I tend to forget most of the things that I find interesting. But I think this is it for now, and I will now continue fiddling with the CSS and continue building the profile-page I have thought about.

On Tweaks And Spent Time [Aside]

I have planned to have two posts out by now, but naturally things came in different than expected. Not only kept my work me fairly busy but I also had a few design ideas and started:

  1. to do some tweaks to the CSS
  2. which took me a while to figure out how to do it just to
  3. learn that Firefox doesn’t support one of needed CSS features.
  4. So back to no.2 and start all over again.

One thing led to the other and ended up in more tweaking and finding ever so often another detail to be re-adjusted. Either way, I got it done (naturally I still have some more things to add) and some fresh posts will go live in the next few days.

Soon more…

First Weekly Things

It’s Sunday and therefore about time for the first weekly review of this year. I’ll save you the usual, things were busy part as they are always busy and come straight to the point.

I’m still working on the design of this site and truth to be told I don’t see myself finishing it any time soon. I still have a few ideas that I would like to implement and turn this blog into something like my personal landing page as well. I used to have a landing site1 but this will do a much better job. If I ever get it written that is.

And talking about updating: during the last few days a few of favourite applications got updated. MultiMarkdown Composer is available in version 2 now and the beta version of my preferred launcher-app Alfred is available for Mega Supporters. Since I hardly ever write on the desktop anymore I haven't had too much chance to look into MMC, but I hope that the iOS version will be arriving soon as well.

On the iOS side, 1Password received a nice update and supports now (amongst other things of course) URL-schemes. This together with the bookmarklet from Frederico Viticci, make using the app a breeze on iOS.

As usual, I think I have forgotten most of the things that I wanted to bring up, but now I will press the publish button.

  1. My site is still running but hasn’t gotten any attention whatsoever in the past and will soon be history.


I needed to have only one simple thing working: a preview and export of MultiMarkdown tables. Really Not that big of a deal.

Before I started using Nebulous Notes as my text editor of choice on the iPad, I have had used Byword as my main editor. Byword handles all things MultiMarkdown very well and it was a no-brainer moving the needed files over to Bywords iCloud folder. I never had issues with it and a quick check showed the files on my iPad and I left to work.

A quick check…

I’m not sure what has happened, but for some reason the files didn’t really made it up into the cloud. I could see the files but not open at all. They stuck on earth so to say.


After some deleting, copying, moving, re-installing some files made it while others refused to be opened at all. The fact that some files opened on the phone but not on the iPad (and vice versa) didn’t made the situation anymore bearable. There was no logic to that whatsoever.

Finally in the afternoon, after many hours things started to work as they used to. Prior to this, I never have had any issues with iCloud syncing. I just hope that this was only a little glitch and that these issues don’t persist.

A Look Back Ahead

Occasionally I have been posting a weekly review and since the year is about to come to an end, I thought I could join the thousands of yearly reviews.

I haven’t kept notes (other than in the posts here on the blog of course) about the ongoings of this year but it is save to say, that it was very exciting one; both personally and here on this blog.

While I usually keep personal things out of the Internet in general, the birth of our son in October had been of naturally a major event this year. He and the arrival of his bodyguard (read: our dog) earlier in the year have enriched our lives and extended our family.

The Blog

On the blog side of things this year had been eventful as well:

The blog started out as a little Markdown based blog, then evolved into a self-hosted WordPress install, before I moved it over to during the last month. With 135 posts this year had been my most active one, probably ever.

My photoblog, even though I haven’t updated it much has seen a gigantic increase in page after it had been mentioned on the WordPress blog. Many thanks again to the team at WordPress.

The Photography

During this year I did though had not as much time to focus on my landscape photography, yet I still managed to do some nice photographs. Most of them are yet to be processed, but at one point I will find the inspiration to do so.

In the beginning of the year I continued working on my Mänty Sketches project and during the summer trips to Vienna and Norway offered interesting, yet very different photographic opportunities.

On Social Media

Social media wise, I have logged into Facebook about twice. Each and every of these visits was followed by an influx of never-asked-for-notifications which in fact was yet another reminder why I never check in there anymore. So, if you plan to follow me on some social network, Facebook is maybe the worst of all places to do so.

As Twitter had turned a bit weird during this year I have joined and have enjoyed my stay there so far. I may be a bit of hypocrite here, as I regularily check-in on a couple of lists that I have created and auto-post links to my articles, but other than that, the service has become more or less obsolete for me.

How all of this will continue is hard to say at the moment, but I guess during 2013 I will figure out.

The iPad, apps and stuff

During this year I have fully moved over to the iPad as my main worktool. It is not much of a surprise as it was long coming as I embraced working with it since I got the first iPad. I simply feel much more comfortable working, and especially writing, on it than on the desktop.

I think it’s save to say that I haven’t written anything worth mentioning on the desktop during this year. The desktop is nowadays reserved mainly for the occasional stint into Lightroom/Photoshop, CSS editing, occasional casual browsing and, most of the time, for streaming Netflix.

For a while I planned to be smart and started to work with an external keyboard, but in the end I found myself to be working more effective with the on-screen keyboard and applications like Nebulous Notes or iA Writer.

And while I’m talking about writing… After struggling to find the right editor on the iPad, I have settled with Nebulous Notes for long-form writing, Drafts for everything else which involves text in one form or the other and Poster for my blogging workflow.

So, far this has worked out very well, though iA Writer recently is making a comeback as the tool to write for my active documents. I don’t why this is, it always feels so much more comfortable to write with it. It is like visiting an old friend.

The Look Ahead

I am not much of a resolution guy, but I planned to start the new year with a bit of an early spring-cleaning.

First of all my rather extensive podcast subscription list will have to be cut down a bit. Even though I can easily keep up with my subscriptions, I simply grew tired of quite a few of them and it seems easier to get rid of them than to mark them as played all the time.

Similar steps will be taken for my Instapaper list. If there’s an article waiting in there for a year, there’s a good chance I will never read it. Idea here is: wipe clean most of it and start from scratch.

I still have some minor design additions for this blog to come up in the next few weeks, but until the next default theme is going to be released I think I will keep my fingers off the theme-changing for a while. Let’s see how long I manage to stick to that.

Application-wise I think there’s a lot of new great apps to be released. The other day I saw some screenshots of the upcoming iPad email-client Evomail and I already look forward to put this to my iPad. Also the soon-to-be-announced OmniFocus 2 for the desktop, which is supposed to happen at the end of January is going to be very interesting.

I am sure I forgot most of the things, which actually were supposed to be part of this post, but I’d rather get it published before even the new year is over.