St.Michael’s Mount in the Dark

Actually it’s just before sunrise but it just does sounds better this way, doesn’t it? Having published my Cornwall e-book already last year I haven’t been looking through my archives from there much recently. Since I’m in the middle of the process of updating my galleries recently, I found this gem in there which I […]

Where The Rainbows Are At Home

I have spent a week in Marazion, Cornwall and it’s the last day of my trip which I took in spring 2009. I have been passing St.Michael’s Mount almost every morning waiting and hoping for good conditions. While I had fairly good conditions throughout the week that I spent in Cornwall, the conditions certainly were […]

Featured Image: Tide At St.Michael’s Mount

Another photograph of St.Michael’s Mount, isn’t it a wonderful location? Back in Spring 2009 I spent a week in Marazion and passed the Mount every day, always hoping for the right conditions. It was on my last day in Cornwall, that I got the conditions that I didn’t even dared to dream of. The tide […]