St.Michael’s Mount in the Dark

Actually it’s just before sunrise but it just does sounds better this way, doesn’t it?

Having published my Cornwall e-book already last year I haven’t been looking through my archives from there much recently. Since I’m in the middle of the process of updating my galleries recently, I found this gem in there which I once processed, and then obviously forgot about.

I had explored the coast the day before and returned early in the morning to be in place at sunrise. It was the first images that I took that morning and I stand by the tripod and stop the long exposure of 230 seconds with my phone. Focusing the image in the dark was slightly challenging as it was a little difficult to see the mount in the dark somehow it worked out.

It got quickly brighter during the exposure and for a second exposure like this wasn’t enough time, or actually too much light already. Where’s the BigStopper when you need it…

The shooting that morning was rather eventful and if you are interested you can read more about it in the my Cornwall journals (which I updated just the other day), download my free e-book and of course view the images in a larger format in the galleries.



St.Just. It’s the other side of the cliff and again I found shelter from the storm behind some rocks. I climbed  down the cliff to get a better vantage point, but getting closer to the sea didn’t seem to be possible. Considering the conditions, it wouldn’t be so advisable either.

I enjoyed the drama of the scene with the waves crashing on the rocks in fronts in front of me. The two rock formations in the background add, just like in my previous images, an welcome interest to the image. I’m sure they have a name, but somehow I can’t find it. If anyone knows, I would appreciate a comment.

A little later I take some detail images with the waves crashing on the rock in the foreground of the scene.

On a side note I would like to inform you, that my first e-book: Cornwall – A Photographic Journey is going to be released tomorrow here on the blog. So, if you’re interested drop by again tomorrow and have a look.


St.Just Bridge

St.Just… The rain which just tested my now already torn looking 1,99£ umbrella stopped and I can go on with my explore of the scenery. On the way to the coast I already spotted this beautiful location. The road to the coast already leads me along this little river and finally I find this spot, rather close to the coast.

It’s already in the afternoon, with the sun still high up in the sky. I compose my image and wait for the right moment. In this case, I was hoping for the clouds to part in front of me, and at the same time I was waiting for the clouds to create a giant softbox in front of the sun.

Luckily, the wind was still strong and I didn’t had to wait long for the conditions to be right.

This image will also be included in my upcoming e-book, which should be released on September the 1st. If you are interested please keep an eye on the blog during the next week. More images from Cornwall you can find here on the blog or visit my gallery.


St.Just Rock

Geez, I miss the sea. There’s nothing more refreshing than a strong wind and heavy waves crashing on the rocks. While preparing my e-book I re-discovered this image in my library and took some time to process it in a way I envisioned the image.

I was tipped to the coast near St.Just by a local photographer here in Cornwall earlier that morning and spontaneously made my way here. I arrived early in the in the afternoon and after a nice coffee and a chat in the local pub I head out to the coast. During the course of the afternoon the weather changed from nice and stormy to very cloudy and stormy. Earlier I get some nice images along the coast while later the conditions changed quite a bit. A few hours ago I purchased an umbrella which got it’s 1.99£ worth severely tested in a heavy rainstorm. Much to the amusement of a people waiting in their cars for the rain to pass.

It was very windy out there and the best vantage points were difficult to access as the wind heavily influenced the stability of my tripod. Crouched behind some rocks on the cliffs I get a few nice frames of the waves crashing on the rocks in front of me.

Not much later the sun sets almost un-noticed behind the clouds and I find my way back to the pub for dinner before catching the bus home.


Where The Rainbows Are At Home

I have spent a week in Marazion, Cornwall and it’s the last day of my trip which I took in spring 2009.

I have been passing St.Michael’s Mount almost every morning waiting and hoping for good conditions. While I had fairly good conditions throughout the week that I spent in Cornwall, the conditions certainly were best in this morning. Everything came together nicely: the tide was just coming in, nice clouds, the ferry just leaving from the castle, some rain and the sun just setting in time to create these wonderful rainbows.

Searching for a good location to escape the finnish winter, it was an image and the DVD by David Noton which ultimately draw me to this location. I didn’t dare to even hope to experience similar conditions but sometimes you just have to be luck.

This image will be part of another project which I have coming up here on the blog, but I will write more about that project in the next few days.


Featured Image: Little Cudden

Cornwall Spring 2009:

It’s my second day in Cornwall. It was a 27 hour journey to get here and after a quick explore at dawn I fall into bed only to be waken up a few hours later just before sunrise. After all, I came to take pictures.

At sunrise the conditions are nice and I do some photography at St.Michaels Mount. The weather improves during the course of the morning and after a good breakfast and another nap I head out along the coast and explore the scenery.

At the end of my hike along the coast I take a rest at this beautiful bay. It’s in the middle of the day, a time I usually don’t do much photography but this scene was just too beautiful. Lovely clouds in the sky the light actually isn’t that harsh with the sun side-lighting the scene.

If you are interested you can read more about my trip to Cornwall here on the blog in my photo-journals. Also you are welcome to have a look at my slideshow from last year which I updated just yesterday and is now available here in HD.


Featured Image: Tide At St.Michael’s Mount

Another photograph of St.Michael’s Mount, isn’t it a wonderful location? Back in Spring 2009 I spent a week in Marazion and passed the Mount every day, always hoping for the right conditions.

It was on my last day in Cornwall, that I got the conditions that I didn’t even dared to dream of. The tide came in just in time at sunset and there were clouds and blue sky. Just perfect. A little later it started to rain ever so slightly causing two rainbows to pose for my last image of that morning.

I converted this in SilverEfexPro, which definitely is my favorite plug-in.

You can see it bigger in my portfolio and read more about my trip to Cornwall in my Photo-Journals.


Featured Image: St.Michael’s Mount

The name-switch of this blog and introduction of Galleries to this blog were two steps to bring this site closer to being my online presence. Together with the introduction of the galleries I announced that I will regularly add images to them. I’m thinking about something like once a week, and today will be the first new image, St.Michael’s Mount.

I invite you over to the gallery to have a look and if you are interested you can find a few journal entries about my trip to Cornwall over here in my Photo-Journals.

There’s another announcement coming up on Saturday , but until then I hope you enjoy your visit here.