The Korouoma Canyon

After driving through heavy rain we arrived in the Korouoma canyon late in the night and finally found some well deserved sleep. In the morning we started to explore the area and since neither of us has visited this location before, we weren’t at all sure what to expect. I knew that the Korouoma canyon is a popular place for ice-climbers during the winter season and naturally I expected to find a rather high and steep waterfall somewhere around here.

While the actual location which is used for ice-climbing didn’t quite work out photographically in this time of year (there was no water worth mentioning) this waterfall, which is located right in the beginning of the path down into the canyon, turned out to be rather nice to photograph.

Even though it was still early in the morning, the sun was already high up in the sky, but the dense forest did it’s best to diffuse the light just about right to make longer exposures easily possible. Additionally the waterfall was rather co-operative in that regard that the spray from the fall was rather mild, hence I was able to get close enough for some rather dramatic images.

I finally could put my much under-used polarizer to good use and reduced unwanted reflections and increase the overall impact of the scene.

These images are another addition to my Falls-Project. Read more about the project on this page.

Kiutäköngäs – A Series

It was only planned to be a little road-trip, but in the end the resulting images became part of my Falls-Project.

Our little road-trip leads us to our first destination in the east of Finland, a waterfall called Kiutägöngäs a bit north of Kuusaamo. I’m little familiar with the location as I have visited this waterfall, or more correctly rapid, once before now two years ago. During that visit I had a good chance to explore the scenery and then focused more on wider views.

Somehow though I didn’t had the feeling that I managed to capture the essence of the place and was not entirely satisfied with the outcome. This time the lack of light, switching to B&W and using a long lens inspired me to approach the torrent from a different angle.

Essentially this torrent is a wild river which caved its way through the hills and even though the rapid is rather large, it is though a narrow place and not necessarily easy to photograph.

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Raptor Falls #2

The other week I posted the first image in this series and it’s time for the image which I originally envisioned.

Immediately when I passed the waterfall I had the idea for vertical panoramic image. The waterfall seemed to be just perfect for this purpose. This doesn’t only look nice here and I’m sure it will make a wonderful print.

I also just realized that it is much easier to present a vertical panorama on the blog than a horizontal one ;-).

Raptor Falls #1

The conditions played some tricks on me during my short visit to Norway this time and I’m still strolling somewhere along the road to Alta, Norway. In fact I have no idea whatsoever where I have been when I took this image.

I notice the waterfall and quickly pull over the car to a nearby parking spot, grab my bag and tripod and head back to the waterfall. While these kind of waterfalls are very common sight along the roads, photographing them often fails due to a lack of available places to leave the car securely on the narrow roads in the mountains. I this case I was in luck.

Standing in front of the falls I immediately get the vision of the final print as a vertical panorama. To get the composition I need to stitch three images. Can’t wait to get this one printed and framed.

As I have no idea where I took this image, I named it after these two raptors which were circling over me in the air. Having been attacked once by birds in a situation like this before, their aggressive sounds were less than comforting. No risk no fun, right?

The second, and originally intended version as a vertical panorama will be published here in the next few days.

Bossoberget Falls

I arrived in Norway after many hours of driving only to find the one road which was important to me, closed due to an avalanche. Instead of waiting for the next day, when the road is supposed to be opened again, I chose to explore a totally different area. A rough description of my journey you can find in this post.

It didn’t took long until I found this waterfall, caved deep into the mountain. Waterfalls like these are by no means a rarity up here, and I passed plenty of them along the road. Naturally not all of them are as pleasing to photograph as this one.

It was raining heavily in the beginning and after a quick explore of the fall, I decide my vantage points and wait for the rain to calm down at least a bit for a short amount of time.

In the early evening the rain is heavy most of the time, but a short window allowed for these images. Before having the chance to climb up to my second chosen vantage point, too heavy rain prevents an image up there.

As I pass this waterfall almost every time I drive to Norway, I chose to return another time.