The One With The Reader… continued

A few weeks ago I learned about Inoreader and it completely transformed my RSS-reading and my overall social media consumption. It almost feels like going back to the ‘old days’, but in a good way.


For many years reading my RSS feed had been an important part of my daily routine. I spent a lot of time in Google Reader, yet, when it closed I didn’t moan that much. It was sad to see it go, but I started to use different services and got over it. I ran through a couple, and eventually stuck more or less with Feedly. It didn’t make me happy but it worked.

I can’t really pinpoint a reason why, but even though I moved my subscriptions from one service to the other and then over to Feedly, reading my feeds somehow had lost it’s mojo. Ultimately I increasingly used a combination of Twitter and Flipboard/Nuzzle (or similar services) in addition to reading my RSS subscriptions.

This turned out to be rather ineffective, full of duplicates and most of all: too time comsuming. Since I anyway checked-in on my Twitter feed a few times a day, eventually my RSS consumption reduced from a few times a to maybe once a day.

This has been going on for a while and and it became somewhat annoying.

In comes Inoreader

I started to use Inoreader a bit more than a month ago and it changed my whole reading habits for the better. I gave the app a fair try during those weeks and, oh man, have I missed my mostly RSS-only workflow. It feels like in the old days, but in a good way.

The app/service is fast and already offers a lot of functionality in the free account1, and with it’s rich set of keyboard shortcuts2 I can browse through my feeds in a short time.

One of the greatest features for me is tagging. While reading I can quickly assign a certain tag to any post that I want to refer to later or simply to anything with. Extra cool bonus: with these I could trigger IFTTT actions if I would like to do so. Also I am looking forward to explore the filter- and keyword-feature but haven’t gone around that yet.

How it refreshed my Social Media Stream?

I have found my old enthusiasm for reading my RSS feed again, and while I was already at it, I did some long overdue feed-maintance. With the statistics tool provided by Inoreader, I can see which feeds are either defunct or haven’t been updated in a long time. This helped me to get rid of some old, abandoned feeds.

Once that was done, I went through my Twitter feed and lists and subscribed to all the blog/sites that were not yet in my RSS feed and unfollowed them from Twitter. This way there’s a lot less redundant posts and my Twitter timeline became a whole lot nicer.


I’m not huge on Newsletters, but the few that I am subscribed to, I added via the Mail2Tag feature to Inoreader as well. Result: a slighlty cleaner inbox and news there where I read them anyway. I actually added a few more newsletters in the process.

How could I improve my Setup?

Now that I have cleaned up my feeds, my Twitter stream and my Inbox, I actually should start organize my feeds and set up some filters. But that’s something that I will do later, up to know I am very satisfied they way it is.

Inoreader has apps for iOS and Android and I like to use the native apps on my phone (both on Android and iOS), on the iPad though I prefer to use it in my browser. I like to work more desktop-ey on the iPad and the app does work well in the browser, which means I have access to all the keyboard shortcuts when I use an external keyboard.

Another thing that I find very positive, is, that the app/service received a couple of updates during the time that I wrote this3. This is very nice, because it at least shows to me, that the service is under active development, which is always a good thing.

If you haven’t gotten it yet, I am very happy using the app and will definitely subscribe to one of the paid plans once the trial period is over.

  1. In fact, the app has a lot of features which I at this point, still don’t really take advantage of. 
  2. They also work in the browser on iOS, yay! 
  3. It turned out that I really took my time with this post. 

A Road Trip through Norway

It’s been now a couple of years that I haven’t been visiting Norway. With this ‘road trip’ this finally changed.

Summertime is Road Trip time! This time I took the kids for a round trip over to Norway. It went as planned: many kilometers and lots of things to see in a rather short time.

Despite it having been only a short visit the covered area was quite large. We went all the way from Rovaniemi (Fi) over Kilpisjärvi (Fi) to Trömsö (N), from there to the island of Somaroy, then from the island of Senja over Narvik and Kiruna (Swe) back to Finland. Guess that counts for about 2000 kilometers.

A Road Trip Through Norway.jpg

This was possible thanks a spontaneous decision to use the ferry from Somaroy to Senja, which happened to come just in time to hop from one island to another. I should have done this before. It is not only more fun but also saves a lot driving and is a whole lot faster. A trip that would have been many hours in the car, was done now in 45 minutes. I have already ideas for another trip as this opens a whole new set of possibilities.

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My Complete Package List for Writing Markdown

Even though I continue to juggle back and forth between iA Writer and for my humble writing needs I have come to like my setup and enjoy the fact that with it I am close to the ultimate cross-platform writing Markdown editor.


I have been happily working with as my default Markdown editor and writing up and have refined my setup a little over time. Since my last post(s) quite a bit of time has passed and new and interesting packages have been released or improved.

By the time of this writing I would go so far to say, that I have managed to set up a (Markdown) writing environment that is just the way I want it to be. I’m almost ecstatic. To remind myself of the setup, and to make it easier to set up the editor on a new machine, I thought it necessary to do one write-up with all packages that I use.

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Things to consider when trying a new Mouthpiece 

While trying a couple of new mouthpieces for the Alto a few thoughts came to mind.

It’s that time of the year when I am trying a couple of mouthpieces for the alto again. I grew a bit tired off my Meyer #8 which I have used now for about 3 years and it was time for a change. The mouthpiece simply doesn’t have the qualities that I was looking for and now I was starting to look for something new and, most importantly, different.

A couple of emails and a few days later I received a bunch of new mouthpieces and was ready to give them a try. When facing a table of full of mouthpieces it is easy to get lost and I wanted to make sure to make the best decision possible.

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