Home-Screen for July 2017

It’s almost as it was a few months ago, but in between there were a lot of changes

On the first sight there have not been many changes on the home-screen this month, or better, since the last time I have published one but many changes have happened under the hood. First of all, I am back to Action Launcher.


Action Launcher had been my favourite launcher for quite some time, but prior it’s recent update I had some issues with it displaying not all the available app shortcuts, but Nova Launcher did. So I used that. As one does. It obviously doesn’t take much for me to change things over.

Either way, that this is had been solved in the latest update, and I’m happily using Action Launcher again.

Other than that, the apps on the home-screen, haven’t changed much and most of the icons double (or triple actually) as folders, application-shortcuts and feature app-shortcuts 1, which is very handy.

Here’s an example

The Inoreader icon opens the app, swiping it opens a folder with all my reading-themed applications, such as Instapaper, Medium and so forth. Similar the Twitter icon, opens the Twitter app, long-pressing it opens app-specific shortcuts, whereas swiping over it opens the folder containing my social apps such as: Fenix 2(beta) – Twitter app, Google+, Micro.blog (shortcut) and so forth.

Another neat feature of Action Launcher is the quick-page, which I can swipe-in from the right. This page contains a selection of widgets, such as a few for IFTTT, with which I post status updates to the blog for example.

This setup works rather fine for me at the moment, yet I’m always looking forward to see how I can/could refine it. The current wallpaper is from Google’s own wallpaper app.

  1. I am here not entirely sure, how the shortcuts are now called. It used to be Quickcuts, but I think they are now simply App-Shortcuts

Home-Screen for April 2017

It’s been a while, but here’s the latest home-screen.

Three months have passed since the last home-screen post, but at least there had been some changes. First of all, I’m using a different launcher. I used to use Action Launcher, but for some reason, it doesn’t seem to support all the app-shortcuts that are, at least in theory, available.

At first I was holding out, because my phone wasn’t on 7.1 at that time, but even after the update, not all shortcuts were showing. In theory this wouldn’t be much of an issue, but some of my most-used apps, Todoist for example, were missing them, which was enough reason for me to look elsewhere.

And elsewhere was with Nova Launcher right around the corner. It did require a bit more fiddling (but you know, that is probably the reason I’m doing that in the first place) but eventually I got a really nice setup, with a whole bunch of helpful shortcuts. For example all things here on the home-screen serves at least two or more things.

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Home-Screen for January 2017

New year, new home-screen. Sort of.

My monthly home-screen is already two months late, which is mostly to the reason that it hasn’t changed all much. I take this as good news since I have a setup that actually works well for me.

My launcher of choice is still Action Launcher, which alongside many other new things, recently introduced Pixel style features: such as some visuals as well as QuickCuts. This together with the already available swipe shortcuts make it very powerful and fast to use for me.

As previously, Google app is opened via a swipe to the left and the Quickpage on the right with the Calendar-, Pocket Casts– and Google Play Music widget. Many of the icons open shortcuts. Allo and the phone app are in fact shutters, clicking opens the app and swiping a folder, containing shortcuts for calling/messaging contacts as well as related applications.

Despite all the kerfuffle about it, I’m still sticking with Evernote. I gave OneNote a decent try, actually went through hoops to figure out which would be the right app for me, but at the moment, Evernote still works better for me. I keep an eye on OneNote and other apps that might be able to replace Evernote, but so far there is nothing that does things the way I want to.

I have been switching wallpapers quite a bit, but at the moment I am sporting this one out of Backdrops.

106 Days

My time back on iOS didn’t lasted very long. 106 days to be precise.

In the beginning of the year I switched to Android and was very happy and satisfied with the whole experience. I like Android as an OS, I like the integration with all the Google services, the awesomeness of Google Now and the fact that I can customize it to my liking. To make it work just right for me.

Then, after seven months, I was, for some artificial reason, in the belief that I really need to have access to a certain set of applications on the phone. Applications that were (still are and probably never will be) not available on Android. So I did, what I always do, jump ship and switched back to iOS.

Now, 3 months and 14 days later, I went back to an Android phone and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. It turned out, that my time back on iOS wasn’t as satisfying as I expected and the need for those apps not as important in grand scheme of things.

In the process I got me a new phone, a OnePlus 3, and it took me only little time to get all the apps on there that I need and until I had my Android Wear watch setup the way I wanted. Next step was installing Action Launcher to make a nice and highly functional home-screen in the style of the Pixel Launcher.


I’m still re-arranging the some of the apps and I will customize a bit more, but other than that the setup is similar to the one I had in the beginning of the year.

Home Screen for April 2016

One of my main motivations to switch over to Android, was to be able to set up the device just the way I want to. The way it suits my needs and wishes the best. Which is good, simply because, and yes, you guessed right: I get to tinker again.

For a while now, I was using the Google Launcher, and was (and still am) very satisfied with it. I like to have Google Now right there on the left screen, so I wasn’t much motivated to switch to another launcher. Yet, and I wrote about this already in my last post, I was giving Action Launcher a try.

Action Launcher 3 has quite a few nice and compelling features, which enable a rather sophisticated setup while at the same time keeping the home screen nice and clean. The cover feature, which uses the first icon in a folder as a cover, and doubles as a shortcut to launch said app is such an example. Despite having found a very nice setup, I continued to switch back and fourth between it and the Google Launcher.

The other day, I had some new ideas to improve my home-screen and am sporting it ever since. On first sight it appears rather basic, but with this launcher, the more sophisticated things are under the hood.

Currently I use three screens: the main home-screen and two which sport my Todoist and Evernote widgets as large as possible. Then there is the drawer on which I have added some essential widgets and shortcuts as well as the calendar widget. The icons on the first screen are arranged in a way that I can navigate and get to my most important or commonly used tasks only with my thumb.

In this setup the icons the Feedly, Inbox, Messages and Phone icons double as an application shortcut as well as an folder cover. The Feedly folder for example contains all my reading apps such as: Nuzzel, Play Newstand, Pocket, Medium, Kindle, Google+ and so on. The Inbox folder contains all Google apps. The phone- and messages-folder contain shortcuts to my most used contacts and messaging apps. Both the Pocket Casts and Google Music icon reveal on swipe the apps widget. This comes in very handy if I want to quickly continue to listen what I have been listening earlier.

I like this setup and will continue using it for the time being. Choice is surely one of the benefits of using Android over iOS and finding a or the setup that works for me is one of those. If I ever will find a decent wallpaper though is a totally different story.

Home-Screen for February 2016

So, it’s been done: I switched to Android and am enjoying my new phone, OnePlus 2. I haven’t though done any major customizations to the home-screen yet. It’s rather close to the default setup. The only thing that I did, was installing the Google Now launcher. I like to have my Now-cards available with a simple swipe. I do myself though see me switching to Action Launcher soon, which supports this and quite a few more very nice features and naturally more control.

Also I have placed a calendar and the Todoist widget on the second and third screen, but that’s about it. The wallpaper is the default Marshmallow wallpaper, which comes with the Google Now launcher.


Obviously my most used apps are, as for quite some time already, Inbox, Todoist and of course Pocket Casts. The two remaining folders contain a collection of Google apps and the other one next frequently used applications. In this one are iA Writer, WordPress, Google Newsstand1, Feedly, Google+ and the native Twitter app.

Additionally I have added a few shortcuts for quick composing of emails, adding notes to Evernote and a shortcut to messages with my wife. It is a very effective setup, where everything just is where I want it to be.

I have not (yet) delved into excessive customizations and left the home-screen more or less in it’s default state. At the moment I am very happy with the setup as it is. Especially through the usage of the calendar and Todoist widget on page 2 and 3, and the always available Goolge Now cards on the left, using the phone, feels to me akin to using a Moleskine for example. The information that I am looking for is easily available through browsing. I like it that way.

  1. I had this running on iOS already. Turns that after a while of using, the highlights are rather accurately to my interest. 

Home-Screen for January 2016

New year, new month and a new homescreen. Admittedly there are not many changes but I eventually came over folder-aversion and put at least one folder on here. Major surprise.


I rely on so many Google services and apps that it made sense to have them in a specific folder on the homescreen to have them quickly available. Also it serves as a little preparation for things to come.

I guess this will be last iOS homescreen in quite some time. Maybe even the last at all. Who knows. With my Android phone around the corner, I am looking forward to do some nice customisations and set things up just the way I would like to. One can get really wild and turn the home-screen into a piece of art, but I am not sure yet whether or not to go down that road. But then again, who am I kidding here…

I guess that by February we will figure out.