Links for the Weekend

A little bit of a link-backlog had been accumulated in my todo-list/notebook aka my currently unexplainable and cryptic note-taking system (i.e. it’s all over the place) and it’s time for a little link-dump of posts from all around the interwebs that I found interesting in no particular order. Marc Myers had a post this Friday […]

“We’ve all had a cup of coffee after a nap. But maybe we’ve been doing it all wrong. Maybe we should put the cup of coffee before the nap” This sounds interesting: Why Coffee Naps Will Perk You Up More Than Either Coffee, or Naps, Alone

Took advantage of this offer and renewed my Inoreader subscription today. I use the service probably way too many times a day and enjoying the IFTTT integration, which is bringing you this post as well. If you read RSS feeds it is worth it. Black Friday – Cyber Monday 2017 and an Irresistible Offer From […]