Dropbox Based Publishing Platforms

I used to have a blog on some of these and currently they seem to pop up again

Looking at my feeds it seems that Dropbox-based publishing platforms are getting traction again, which is great. Probably it’s Gabe’s fault :-).

Either way, I used to run this blog on Scriptogr.am and on some other platform which is probably not existing anymore. It was fun, but in the end I always went back to WordPress. It has more features (galleries come to mind) that I am looking for, even though Markdown based publishing feels more natural and is inherently simpler it just serves a different purpose.

Check out asocialfolder.com or Blot.im if you are interested into something like this. I try to resist for now.

Caret – A Markdown Editor

I was looking for a Markdown editor on Windows and found with ‘Caret’ a great cross-platform solution

Even though I have been getting more and more accustomed using WYSIWYG editors for writing and blogging1 over the course of the last few months, I somehow have missed my precious plain-text-workflows. Every now and then, like just-for-the-old-times-sake did some work on a plain-text file. Not sure why, but I missed it.

Having moved over to Windows a while ago, I have used my Atom.io setup every time I wanted/needed to write in Markdown and was rather contempt with it. It was nice, worked but it wasn’t really inspiring and needed a surprising amount of maintenance.

For some reason, maybe even out of boredom, I was searching the other day for Markdown editors on Windows and re-discovered Caret.io, which previously turned up in my Google Now recommendations, and I was immediately intrigued.

It features a minimal design and it’s feature list hits all the right spots and has everything that I usually need:

  • Light/dark mode
  • typewriter mode
  • focus mode
  • autocomplete/autoformatting
  • GoTo headings
  • shortcuts to access recent files and stuff

Additionally it has a slew of keyboard shortcuts for text-selections and what not. In short: I felt right away at home.

There are things which could be improved, for example I would like to see a shortcut for adding footnotes and the have the file-name/path to disappear when switching into full-screen mode, but these are small things.

I needed only a little bit of testing to purchase the application, which is available at their website.

And yes, the font I am using is Consolas, which I have come to like a lot. Especially the italics are very nice.


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  1. Have a look at the post on Google Docs