Malangen Mountains

Norway, April 2010. After a day’s worth of exploring the islands around Tromsö the light finally get’s this magical quality that I so enjoy here in the scandinavian countries.

We spotted this location earlier already, but first we headed to the end of this road for a panoramic image of the mountains close to the island of Sommaroy. An area I had been photographing last summer.

The sky there was rather dramatic and in fact it got even more spectacular a little later, something that I noticed in the rear mirror while were already on the way to this location. Well, no can do.

Malangen Mountains

As usual around here, the lighting conditions can vary quite a bit in a very close area. It just needs a mountain or a curvy road and the sky might change from to cloudy to almost blue. This time it was no different. Here at these mountains, the sky quite a bit clearer, even though the locations were not far apart. When I pulled over the car, the last light of the setting sun illuminated the snow on the mountain with an intense purple. By the time I managed to pass the waist deep snow along the road, most of the purple light was unfortunately already gone, but still there was enough to capture it.

This was our last station of the evening and we return back to the hotel. The next day we headed back home, but there was still enough time and good light to photograph the landscapes on the way.

A recent re-edit of this image brought it back to my attention, and I was wondering why it wasn’t published on this blog yet. I then realized that I posted this image originally on my, by now, already dismissed photoblog “From 10 to 300mm”, even though it had been in my galleries for quite some time already.

In order to complete my move over here, and filling my galleries I’m using the chance to give some of these “older” images a little face-lift and will then present them here as well.

Henningsvaer Harbour

Lofoten Islands, June 2010. Upon our arrival the weather was, well, badly in need of improvement. It’s cold, it rains cats and dogs and the visibility is somewhere around 100m into every direction.

We came a long way and after a good night sleep in the car we head out to get a decent coffee and something to eat. Little bit more awake we stroll along the roads exploring the area for good locations to photograph once the conditions are slightly better. We reach this little village, and as of now, I can’t remember anymore where we were. It was though located on the island of Vestvagøy. But don’t nail me on that.


The rain finally calmed down a little and we stopped at this place to grab another coffee. We’re right in the middle of this village, and since the rain wasn’t that bad anymore I go out to take a photograph. Climbing a little down the pier I looked for a decent composition. Behind me the huge amount of caravans blocked the wind and the rain a little.

Sometimes, photography is a funny thing. While exploring the beautiful landscapes and nature of the islands, it’s somehow this image, which captures best my feelings and memories of the first day on these islands. The composition is admittedly not perfect and neither are the conditions, but for some reason I like this image.

It is an image of contrasts. The beautiful location vs. the bad conditions, the old vs. the new buildings, the green of the water against the grey sky.

The weather changed much during these days, and later in the week I’m able to capture a lot different scenes. Some of them of you can already see in my gallery.

It’s slightly off topic, but I would like to tell you, that I have updated the design of the side a little, and if you’re reading this from within your feedreader, I would like to invite you over to my site and have a look.

Unexpected Company

Somehow landscape photography is always full of surprises. Every now and then something unexpected happens. Most of the time it’s just the weather turning bad just an hour before the best light after having a beautiful, occasionally though, something surprisingly nice happens. In the beginning of the year it was a group of whales slowly passing by in the fjord in front of us. Last year it were seals, and this year I got unexpected company by a cute little fox.

I have been strolling along the coast west of the city Vardø, in the very north of Norway the whole day already. A 30km long and narrow road along the coast. In the beginning of the day, I had been trying to resist against the heavy conditions, and once it cleared up, I had been looking for locations and vantage points. I spent the whole day waiting for the conditions to change and the chance to finally to do some photography.

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Purple Bay Rocks

A little bay, somewhere along to road to the island of Sommaroy, Norway. It’s more than a month since Midsommer now, and even by this time the sun still barely sets. It’s just below the horizon and illuminating the sky just nice for the course of hours.

The sky was beautifully lit and the clouds reflected the sunlight in all shades of red and purple for already more than two hours and there’s no hurry to drive along the coast. It hardly could have been called driving though as we’re stopping every few hundred meters for a new sight and a new image.

Our last stop along the coast was this bay and I spent some time exploring it from various angles. After a few images from a higher vantage point, I finally climb down the cliff to get more successful compositions from ground level. The sea was very calm and together with a long exposure I managed to get the look of image that I was aiming at.

It was worth it and I got a few good photographs down there. Afterwards the road led us back into the mountains and offered much more compositions.

St.Just Bridge

St.Just… The rain which just tested my now already torn looking 1,99£ umbrella stopped and I can go on with my explore of the scenery. On the way to the coast I already spotted this beautiful location. The road to the coast already leads me along this little river and finally I find this spot, rather close to the coast.

It’s already in the afternoon, with the sun still high up in the sky. I compose my image and wait for the right moment. In this case, I was hoping for the clouds to part in front of me, and at the same time I was waiting for the clouds to create a giant softbox in front of the sun.

Luckily, the wind was still strong and I didn’t had to wait long for the conditions to be right.

This image will also be included in my upcoming e-book, which should be released on September the 1st. If you are interested please keep an eye on the blog during the next week. More images from Cornwall you can find here on the blog or visit my gallery.

St.Just Rock

Geez, I miss the sea. There’s nothing more refreshing than a strong wind and heavy waves crashing on the rocks. While preparing my e-book I re-discovered this image in my library and took some time to process it in a way I envisioned the image.

I was tipped to the coast near St.Just by a local photographer here in Cornwall earlier that morning and spontaneously made my way here. I arrived early in the in the afternoon and after a nice coffee and a chat in the local pub I head out to the coast. During the course of the afternoon the weather changed from nice and stormy to very cloudy and stormy. Earlier I get some nice images along the coast while later the conditions changed quite a bit. A few hours ago I purchased an umbrella which got it’s 1.99£ worth severely tested in a heavy rainstorm. Much to the amusement of a people waiting in their cars for the rain to pass.

It was very windy out there and the best vantage points were difficult to access as the wind heavily influenced the stability of my tripod. Crouched behind some rocks on the cliffs I get a few nice frames of the waves crashing on the rocks in front of me.

Not much later the sun sets almost un-noticed behind the clouds and I find my way back to the pub for dinner before catching the bus home.

Fossil Rock

Here I am in the Finnmark area way up in the north of Norway on a beautiful rocky beach. The weather finally calmed down and the evening presents it’s best in beautiful and warm light. I have been exploring this area already during the daytime and returned to these places just in time. It was Worldwide Photowalk on this day and I had my own here at the coast.

These vertical aligned rock formations were typical in this area. I explored quite many of them, but these almost, hidden formation especially appealed to me. I stand by the tripod, waiting for the right moment with the right wave in the background and the right swoosh in the foreground. A few waves later I find the right moment. This took significantly less, than on a previous image, where I stood and waited in a more howling wind next to a lighthouse for the right waves.

The sun rose a few minutes later again behind the clouds on the horizon and I continue my explore along the coast before heading home again already planning the next trip in my head.

A Short Trip to Kukkolankoski

Kukkolankoski, 22 o’clock. The alarm shrieks me out of my dreams and I realize that I napped at least a few hours in the front seat of my old and trusted Toyota.


In two days we’re heading out to the Lofoten islands and I used the day to get some missing items for that trip. As I’m already in Sweden I revisited this location, called Kukkolankoski. I have been here once before in bad weather on the road to Norway last year and decided to return today as I was already quite close.

I arrived a few hours ago and explored the location still hoping for the light to improve. I left home in beautiful sunlight, but the more to the north I came the worse the conditions got. It’s not an easy place to shoot, or better to compose. The main attraction, an old pier which was built for fishing purposes, is so low, that framing it in a dramatic way seems to be impossible. After some experimenting prior to my nap I think I found a decent angle though.

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