Current Reading đź“š

After finishing the rest of the Nightflyers and other Stories by George R.R. Martin I continued with the first of the Murderbot Diaries, All System Red, by Martha Wells. It is a great read and I will surely read the remaining stories. I’m currently just wondering whether I buy them or simply use one month […]

Some notes on Podcasts and Audiobooks

Despite my recent intention to step back from audiobooks for a while a focus on catching up with my podcast-backlog I only managed to take a minor break and caught up with my podcasts (mostly by unsubscribing or simply marking episodes in bulk as played) and then went back to Audible. I did though enjoy listening to […]

By pure accident I discovered “The Wolverine – The Long Night” the other  night and by now I’m already a few episodes in, only disrupted by the apparent in-ability of my bluetooth headphones to charge properly. So far it’s a fun audio-drama and I’m looking forward to see how the story evolves. From all Marvel […]