Finished reading Neil Gaiman’s “Smoke and Mirrors” the other day. What a great collection of stories and I enjoyed it a lot and will without any doubt come back to them from time to time. Especially some are adapted as graphic novels, which I have already lined-up.

More new books – Just in time for Halloween

The theme of the books that have arrived today, seems about right for Halloween

Upon first glance the “Annotated Lovecraft” is spectacular and I’m sure that I will without doubt also order the recently released second book of it. I have the “Annotated Dracula”, also by Leslie S. Klinger, already on the way as well and I have the feeling that more books like this will follow.

I have read “The Graveyard Book” already twice this year, and this, graphic novel adaptation will be third time. I have just last weekend finished the second book of the graphic novel adaptation of “American Gods” and have enjoyed that immensely.

The forgotten Reading-List updates

The long overdue update! It’s not that I didn’t read anything.

It’s been a while since my last update, but in fact I read a lot during the last few weeks but didn’t quite came around posting updates. Social is hard. I know.

Anyway here is now the list and I updated the Book-Log accordingly.

  • Ray Bradbury: The Illustrated Man
  • Neil Gaiman: Trigger Warning
  • Neil Gaiman: The Graveyard Book (re-read)
  • Joe Hill: Full Throttle – Stories
  • Neil Gaiman: Snow, Glass, Apples (Graphic Novel)
  • Neil Gaiman: American Gods Vol.1 (Graphic Novel)
  • Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray

Two finished Books

I finished the audiobook Margaret Atwood’s “The Testaments” the other day and it’s nothing but brilliant. Even though the faith of the two main characters is kind of pre-defined since the beginning, I found myself wondering many times what is going to happen to them. Also the story gives a bit of an insight about the “how that could happen”.

In short it was a very captivating book and I frequently found myself getting extremely angry at the system in the book. I read the first book last year, but now think I should give that another read now and I’m sure I will get me the hardcover at some point as well.

And talking about hardcovers…

During the night I finished Neil Gaiman’s “Fragile Things” which is another great collection of his stories. I had been familiar with some of the stories, but the re-read of those unearthed some nice new, or forgotten details.

I’m not sure what to read next, but I have the feeling that I will re-read “The Graveyard Book” next or continue with the Sandman‘ series, or Snow, Apple, Glass

A few more Books

A few more books have been recently added to my collection

I had pre-ordered both the Neil Gaiman “Snow, Glass, Apples” and Randall Monroe’s “How To“. The latter I pre-ordered long ago enough to have completely forgotten about it already and it’s shipping notification confused and delighted me at the same time.

This makes me wonder what else I pre-ordered at some point…

Anyway, Michael Sull’s “The Art of Cursive Penmanship” is another addition in my attempt to further improve my handwriting. Turns out, there is a lot of room for that.

Finished reading the audiobook “Heroes” by, and read by, Stephen Fry yesterday. The book is very interesting, entertaining and confusing at the same time. But as he mentioned in the prologue, this is to be expected with all the greek names. And just as I was thinking which book to read next, Margaret Atwood’s “The Testaments” was released, which made my choice rather easy. 📚