‘Sibelius Cloud Sharing’

In Announcing Sibelius Cloud Sharing:

Leveraging the power of Sibelius | Cloud Publishing and running on the Avid MediaCentral Platform, you’ll soon be able to send Sibelius scores to the cloud for rendering that can be displayed in any web browser, posted on social media, and embedded in webpages and blogs, to be viewed by anyone, on any device.

This is a great addition and I’m looking forward to the 8.7 release. This feature will make some things a lot easier for me. It will be especially for sharing lines and or embedding stuff such as transcriptions here on the blog, not even talking about how it could be helpful at work.

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Amazon may be working on a new messaging service called ‘Anytime’:

The leaked images suggest this app can do everything Allo, Duo, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and even your SMS app can do all in one place, which makes it incredibly intriguing for those tired of using a variety of services.

Messaging is kind of messy and I have like four or five different apps on my phone. Anything that could clean up that mess would be welcome. Will have to see how it works should it be released.

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Day One Premium and the Future

I have greater concerns about Day One’s ability to survive as a business. My impression is that the subscription model is a move to stay profitable. I don’t think this will be a magic bullet. Customers simply don’t want to pay the price for top-tier self sustaining apps on iOS, especially when the full annual cost of $50 is spelled out in black and white.

I agree with Gabe on this point, it does feel a bit this way. I signed up for the subscription service and look forward to the release of the Android version. App development is expensive and I can imagine that hosting and bandwidth for the sync-service is not going to be cheap either. Let’s see how this plays out. I fear though that things on the Android side, i.e. Play Store are going to be even more difficult, as I read once related to iAWriter Android version.