The other day one search led to another and I ran into the Swimming with Giants 360 degree video which was fun to watch and play around with, especially for the the kids.


06/07/2017, 11:01

This got to be my favorite live-stream at the moment: Bears in Alaska

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Snow falling on the 1st of June. No comment.


Make Me Smile – Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra

What a saxophone section on Make Me Smile: Dick Oatts (plays as awesome as ever), Kenny Garrett, Joe Lovano…


Ukonjärvi Panoramics

I have been writing here before already on my frustration on how to present a huge panorama on the blog. Even in my galleries the images are getting to small. The best presentable solution seems to be in form of a video.

As with some of my previous panoramic images I have assembled a short video with the two larger images that I have made during that journey. I hope you enjoy the next minute while the video drives you along the lake.

Of course I had to add some cheesy music.


More Landscape Photography on Video

It’s almost exactly a year ago that I posted a blog about video’s specifically focused on Landscape Photography and  it’s definitely about time for a follow-up post. Some new DVD’s have been (or are about to be) released, but it’s not at all on the same level as for example on lighting and what not (actually I think this a good thing) but the situation is improving.

Here are a few good and new resources:


  • David Noton: Photography in the RAW

    This DVD came out in the meanwhile and if you are familiar with David’s work you might guess what to expect. Beautiful photography from beautiful locations and valuable information, presented in his own light and entertaining way.

  • Joe Cornish: With Landscape In Mind

    I posted a link to the trailer to this already but the DVD should be available by now. Ordered already, and now waiting for the mail to arrive.

  • Charlie Waite: Seeing Scotland

    For some reason I didn’t mention this DVD in my earlier post, but this is a nice video following Charlie through the landscapes of Scotland.


Saana – Take Wide: Take 2

You know, from time to time things are getting a bit out of hand around here. Something what should have been a quick and easy task, lead into another, which in return lead to… You get the idea.

So, what the heck am I talking about?

I was, in fact I still am, in the process of moving and updating my galleries (more on that in an upcoming post) and therefore updating a few links around here when I ran into a post from my last journey to Norway entitled “Saana, take wide“.

Since I often have the feeling that it is rather difficult to present a panoramic image on a blog, I experimented embedding a larger version of the image in an iFrame in that post. This unfortunately not only doesn’t work anymore, it is also not a very practical solution.

Since I was already in the process of updating posts, links,re-discovering and re-processing images I decided to “quickly” turn the image into a video and embed it into the post. Well, my first attempt was quick. Really quick. Literally took me only a few minutes and I was set. Unfortunately the image quality wasn’t really what I was looking for.

So I had to go the other route and launched Aperture (at the moment I use it only for books and slideshows), imported the image, created a slideshow of this one image, adjusted the Ken Burns effect, exported as a movie and then imported the same movie into iMovie. There I deleted the image in my first version of the clip and replaced this with said movie, followed by another export and then finally uploaded the video. All in all it didn’t took as long as this sounds and the process was actually pretty much straight forward.

Since I already made the effort to simply “update” an older post, I thought it would be a bit sad to have made the effort and essentially have it buried immediately in the archives and attached only to an older post.

Long story short: you can watch it also here right now and if you are interested and would like to know a little more: the original post is available here. I hope you like it.

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Something Big

 As I’m now almost done processing, or better, merging the panoramas (the processing hasn’t even started yet, not even talking about dust-brushing……) I ran into the problem that at least two of them so far simply are so huge, that I have a hard time getting them into a presentable format for the blog. If I post them in the size, or better the composition that I had in mind when I took them, they will look, well, kind of small on the blog.

I have been experimenting with a few different crops, but none of them did even get close to what I wanted to achieve. Less is more they say, but think how much more more will be (I know… shameless Frasier quote)

So I have been debating with myself how to present the image at it’s best and figured out two possibilities: one being a video and the other being an interactive flash thingy. As usual I do have decision issues, so I simply decided to use both. If you want to, you can watch the video right here on the site or go here to see the interactive version in a new window. It’s hosted on Dropbox and I hope this will work. At least it did for me here.

I have a few more panoramas to come up, and while most of them are in a postable format some are not. For those I will use the same procedure I guess. As usual I will do a little wrap-up of the trip together with a slideshow/video most likely. I hope this to be ready by next week.

And yes…. sorry for the cheesy background music. Just had to…